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  1. Default Nova Scotia for Christmas?

    I'm thinking about driving from Washington DC to Nova Scotia during the Christmas Holiday. What will my trip be like? Will I see anything besides snow? Are the roads icy and hard to drive on? I'm from Europe and not sure about what the weather will be like in that area. Or should I just forget about it and head south instead?

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    Default Could be

    That time of year you could run into a major snowstorm, or you could run into some freakishly warm weather - it is really difficult to know until you are quite close to the date of departure what the weather will actually be.

    That said, I imagine that if you did find the weather to be snowy, that it would make for quite a nice setting in which to experience Nova Scotia.

    How much time are you allotting for your journey?

    Generally, the road crews in the Northeast are more than capable of clearing the roads from even the worst of storms, though occasionally we get a big one that shuts down cities; these are few and far between, though.

    The past few Christmases haven't been much for foul weather.

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    Default Crossing borders with a rental car

    American car rental companies typically do not allow you to rent a car and drive it across the border. You will want to check the rules on this before renting. You might have to drop the US car at the border and get a different one to rent while in Canada. I think it would be worth calling one of the major car-rental companies to see if they can assist in this. Like...if you rent from Hertz (or Avis, etc.) in one country, will the coordinate your rental in the other company for you to make this process more seamless? I don't know but it seems worth investigating. This is one of those cases where a phone call might be better than just doing an internet search.

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    Default I have done it several times -- no worries

    Quote Originally Posted by Judy View Post
    American car rental companies typically do not allow you to rent a car and drive it across the border.
    It really depends on the citizenship of the renter. As a US citizen and resident, I have crossed into Canada dozens of times in a rental car. Once in awhile, the rental company charges a surcharge -- but if you rent a car within 50 miles of the Canadian border, in my experience, this is never levied.


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