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    Hello there,
    me and some friends are planning a roadtrip in the states for next summer and we need some advice. We are from Sweden (hence all possible grammar misstakes) and we wonder what the best option is, to buy a car in the US or rent one when we get there. We plan to be away for a while and we don't intend to return to the same place (wich if I am correct will result in some kind of fee if you rent a car). Is it a lot of bureaucracy when foreigners want to buy a car?

    Very grateful for advice

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    I'm also from Sweden. Last time I did a one way roadtrip across America I rented a car using autoeurope. I got a really good deal, and I didn't have to pay a one way fee.
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    Generally speaking, its much easier and just as cost effective to rent a car, unless you will be on the road for several months. There are usually drop fees for a one way rental, but you'll get a new car and you don't have to worry about things like repairs and maintenance. Buying a car can be a real challenge without a US address, because of tax, licensing and insurance issues. Buying and selling a car also takes up a fair amount of time, and you'll almost always loose a fairly signficant amount of money trying to quickly resell a car.

    Of course age can play a role as well. If you are under 25, you'll pay a premium to rent a car, and if you are under 21, you'll be unlikely to rent a car at all. Of course drivers at that age also pay a significantly higher premium for insurance with a purchased car.

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