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    Next spring My sister and I want to go on a Road Trip of the West coast. We are already familiar with Southern California but dont want to exclude it from our list. We also want to see Oregon and Washington and a few other surrounding states.
    We are VERY VERY VERY interested in hauntings, (i.e. haunted houses and hotels) and would love to visit these types of places. but also, we love the outdoors, so anything like river rafting and adventurous things are going on the agenda as well.

    the question is

    can you think of any places to go. We are literally clueless about anything else not around S. California. So any feed back would be greatly appreciated for this road trip we want to go on together. Any cool places, and possibly Hostels to stay at. We have a VERY low budget.

    also, we are only going for a week, possibly two.

    thank you

    HG + KM
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    I've heard the Winchester house in San Jose is really interesting. There's random staircases leading to nowhere and windows looking into other rooms and stuff like that....If you guys are interested in hauntings try searching haunted houses online and plan your trip around those

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You have a week or two. You can be in the Pacific Northwest in two days. I'd strongly urge you to see something besides more of southern California. Judy has written a number of posts about this area, so read up on her recommendations and see if you don't agree that it's a great place to visit, even if only for a few days to a week. As for the ghosts and ghoulies, check out:

    Haunted Houses in Oregon and Washington
    Haunted Places in Oregon and Washington
    Oregon's Haunted Hotspots


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    Default Geiser Grand, Baker City

    We stayed at the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, Oregon for one night of
    a ten day road trip loop from the Bay Area to Tetons, Yellowstone and

    I enjoyed staying at the Geiser Grand. I liked staying in a historical
    building plus the thought of seeing a ghost added to the mystery.

    Well, we saw no ghosts but we did hear some stories from the
    waitresses while ordering dinner.

    It's a lovingly restored building with large guest rooms. The room we had
    was a little noisy. I suspect a water heater, but it could have been the
    sounds of haunted spirits.

    Pictures of the Geiser Grand:

    Pictures from the road trip, here.

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