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    My husband and I are planning a summer trip next july/august.
    We are on a trip canoeing down the Grand Canyon for ten days and then propose to hire a moterhome to tour from Reno to Seattle for three weeks.
    We both like the outdoors, surfing and most water sports and do not like big cities. We thought of flying to Reno and then setting of in a hired moterhome to Seattle. We would like to visit Yosemite park , we do not want to be driving every day. Have you any other suggestions of any good attractions,beaches etc, is this a feasable trip and how many miles would we be thinking of. We will fly back to Las Vagas from Seattle at the end.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Of course your trip is feasable, pretty much any trip is feasable if you have unlimited time and money.

    Time is the big issue that you haven't laid out for us, so its hard to say if your Reno to Seattle, via Yellowstone idea will work without driving everyday.

    However, I would ask why you are thinking of starting in Reno. It would seem to make more sense just to start from Las Vegas. Then you wouldn't have to put in an extra flight, you'll have more RV rental options, you'd get to drive through more of scenic Southern Utah, and you really won't be much farther away from Yellowstone.

    I'm also not sure what to tell you about surfing or beaches, as you'll be distinctly inland during this trip, unless you had some additional plan to drive along part of the coast?

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    Default Yeah, Utah!

    I agree with Michael that it makes more sense to me to rent an RV in Las Vegas and then tour the Grand Canyon and the wonderful parks of Utah nearby (Bryce, Zion, Staircase-Escalante, etc.). Unless you've already been there, of course! And then head west to Reno, to the coast, then up to Seattle.

    It's only about 450 miles to drive from LV to Reno. And the desert makes for a pretty drive. By the time you check-in early, board, fly (it looks like the flight itself is 90 minutes), and get deboard, I'm not convinced you'll be saving more than about 5 hours...time you could spend exploring Nevada itself. Just something to think about.

    You can easily drive to Yosemite and then out to the coast from LV. In July/August, I think most people would recommend bypassing Reno and going over the Tioga Pass. I've never driven it myself so I don't know if it would be recommended for an RV. Hopefully someone will chime in with advise on that.

    After Yosemite, you could easily go out to the coast and then travel north to WA State, then over to Seattle. Answers to some of these questions would help us give you better suggestions:
    * Do you want to visit San Francisco on the way or bypass it by going further north on I-5 before heading to the coast?
    * Do you want to drive the coast the whole way to Washington state, or veer in at some point for other sights like Crater Lake, Mt. St. Helens, etc.?
    * Are you interested in the lovely Olympic Peninsula area on the way to Seattle?
    * How much time do you want to spend in Seattle itself, and do you need recommendations for things to do there?

    As for the coastal drive itself, you should know that this is a 2-lane road, with a lot of twists and hills, and I would have much more fun driving it in a car than in an RV myself. But lots of RVs do make the trip. It's going to be a slow drive in an RV though. Heck, parts are even slow-driving in a sports car. Please be sure to follow road etiquette and make use of places to pull over and let faster vehicles pass you. I've been the 20th person stuck behind slow-moving RVs on roads like this. It's irritating for the drivers behind you and illegal to hold up traffic like that, too. Just an FYI.

    Off the top of my head, I would recommend enjoying a bit of San Francisco if you've never been there before heading north on the coastal highway. Mosey north enjoying the coast. Try to leave time to go around the Olympia Peninsula before heading to Seattle. I would recommend either of these routes to get to Seattle. First, drive to the Port Townsend with its lovely Victorian architecture and take the ferry across. You'll be north of Seattle then, just drive south on I-5 to Seattle. Or driving through the quaint Scandinavian village of Poulsbo to Winslow and take the ferry across to downtown Seattle's waterfront. You'll have a tremendous view of the Seattle skyline (the one seen in most pictures) and if the day is at least partially clear, an amazing view of Mt. Rainier.

    Of course, if you want more detail, let me know. And please be specific in your questions. It helps.

    Here are some previous threads I've responded to about visiting these areas. All the posts in these threads should provide you some helpful info.
    Camping on the Coast
    Driving the West Coast
    Pacific Coast Highway from the Olympic Peninsula to Morro Bay
    Oregon & California Coast info

    These should definitely get you started.

    I'm not a surfer so I can't comment on good beaches for that. I know a popular place for it is in Westport, WA. I'm sure there are other places I'm unaware of. And the water can be quite cold. I think they even wear wet-suits in Northern CA. And many beaches have a strong undertow. Be sure you know how to deal with it. Basically, let it take you wherever it's going to take you. Don't tire yourself out by fighting it. When it dies down and you can swim freely, swim diagonally to shore. I bet 3-4 people die each year in our area because they fight it and tire out.

    Probably the best place to find out about surfing is at the Surfrider Foundation. Click on the various state links in the box on the left and then click on Surfing Areas. It will take you to information about surfing there including links to local chapters where you can probably find more detailed information about specific areas.

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