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    Hi i'm new to the forum and have a few questions. My friend and I were planning on taking a road trip next summer. I know it's a year away, but I figure it's better to start planning now. The problem is that neither of us have a vehicle. Plus the way gas prices are now, we wouldn't be too keen on taking a car to begin with. I'm wondering if it's a bad idea to go across the country by bus, taking stops to see the sites. By greyhound we can save so much, but i'm trying to figure out places to stay for when we need to sleep, shower, etc. Any ideas, or should I invest in a car and major gas?

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    Default Two for the Road

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    A round trip ticket on Greyhound between Wilmington and Los Angeles is currently running around $300 per person. So even with two of you, that would be cheaper than renting a car and paying for gas. But that's for a straight through trip with no stops. If you want to make stops along the way to see things, what you'll really be doing is buying a series of one-way tickets that in the end will probably end up costing you on the order of $400-500 each. Still, even with two of you, I think you can come in under the cost of a car and gas, but it won't be cheap.

    As for where to stay, hostels are fairly inexpensive, as are some of the more bare bones motels (Motel 6, Super 8, Red Roof, Econo Lodge to name a few). Also there are motels and hotels in small town America that are not part of any chain, but offer adequate accommodations. If you end up using the bus, I'd aim to stay in smaller towns and cities, where decent travelers services tend to be downtown near the bus station.

    So with a year to plan, what would I be doing? Getting in touch with Greyhound and getting a route map and schedule. Checking out any specials they may be running. Looking at what's available for lodging along the bus routes of interest. Trying to get a good handle on how much money I'm going to realistically have for this trip. Dreaming


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    I never thought about hostels, nor did I know how many there were here in the U.S. I'll be sure to look more thoroughly at them. I was considering at some points staying at YMCA's, because a few still offer rooms for travelers. Thanks for the advice AZBuck, and any more advice will always be welcome.

  4. Default Small Towns (Delaware to California road trip)

    Me and my friend are going across the country from Delaware to California. I was wondering about any cool places to stop along the way, because we want to make alot of stops. Are there any small towns you guys would recommend to visit. I'd rather stay in small towns along the way than big cities. Any recommendations?

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    Default Thousands to choose from

    Quote Originally Posted by Grungian View Post
    I was wondering about any cool places to stop along the way, because we want to make alot of stops.
    Well, a good place to start would be the list that the National Trust for Historic Preservation prepares each year. Here is a thread that discusses the top twelve for 2007.

    A random list of towns that I have enjoyed... (my mind starts spinning as I think of the dozens and dozens in each state that I have visited) so here is just a small sample to get you started: Apalachicola, FL; Flamingo, FL; Talladega, AL; Homer, AK; Why, AZ; Bentonville, AR; Mono Hot Springs, CA; McCall, ID; Montrose, CO; Peru, IN; Cedar Falls, IA; Stonington, ME; Cody, WY; Douglas, WY; Shelby, MT. etc. etc.

    Well, that is just a tiny fraction of what there is to find and discover out there.


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    Trip by Greyhound. Now that sounds like an adventure. This more so sounds like wandering on the cheap though. So why not combine a couple things- possibly throw in couple train tickets too? Why not get a bike, and bring that along, then when you arrive where ever you're going, plus all your stuff- just hop on bike and off you go.

    [Editor's Note: And if you are wondering about where to go... check out Tim's site.]

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    Default Greyhound

    If you ever want to see an intersting cross section of America, just catch a Greyhound bus. That was my only viable transportation between Shreveport and New Orleans for most of college until I gave in and learned to drive and finally bought a car.

    I've seen the best of people and the worst of people on Greyhound. I've had to inform people to please keep their hands to themselves and also met others that were travelling the country like you're planning and showed genuine interest in the random college student sitting by them. It's uncomfortable and you stop at random little towns for 15 minutes at a time that you'ld never stop at otherwise. But, it's an experience I wouldn't trade for anything.

    My Greyhound experience would probably be better if I hadn't had to catch it at 3:00 am in Shreveport to catch the Airport shuttle in New Orleans the next morning. So, just don't expect some of your direct routes to be at good hours.


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    Believe me, my friend and I know we're gonna have a long possibly uncomfortable ride ahead of us. But that's just part of the experience. But yeah I've heard alot of good things about Greyhound travelling, so I'm thinking i've got a good idea of what to do. Thanks to all who replied. I will take all advice into serious account.

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    My friend and I are going through the US next summer, and are trying to plan some stops. He wants to see the Colorado River, but the problem is that we're going by Greyhound bus, due to the lack of a vehicle. We need a city with a good viewpoint, but still not to far away from a Greyhound terminal. Preferably within 10 miles of one. Any suggestions?

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    Default Its a big river

    Are you looking to see something specific on the river, or you just want to see the river?

    Without looking at a greyhound route map, There are lots of towns located right on the River. Places like Laughlin, Nevada, and Lake Havasu city come to mind. I would think they would be served by greyhound, but I couldn't say for sure without looking at a map. Otherwise, if you go to Las Vegas, you should be able to find a variety of transit options that would take you to the river.

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