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    I'm planning this alone and had read quite a bit of the different postings here and am getting all confused :(

    I'm going to be arrive in SF on 18sep for work and would prob only be able to start my road trip on the 20th and back in SF on 24th sep.

    What would be the recommended route to take and rest at which point?

    Kindly advise. Thanks

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    The main problem you face is that you only have five days (assuming that the dates you give are inclusive) and at least three full days of driving. So your choices are somewhat constrained. Your best bet is to first head for somewhere around Needles, CA on the first day. This will be the 'work' day of your trip where you lay down as many miles as you safely can on the way to the Grand Canyon. The next day you should be within striking distance, say 250 miles, of the Canyon so that you can spend most of the afternoon there seeing it from various vantage points, hiking a bit of the rim, and sticking around for sunset. In the evening head south, staying the night in Williams. On day three head into Las Vegas, another 200-250 miles from Williams and enjoy the afternoon and evening there. You now have one 'extra' day to play with. You can either spend it in Las Vegas or take the extra time to head home to San Francisco through Death Valley and/or Yosemite. You won't have a lot of time at any of the spots along the way, but you should still be able to find enough time to enjoy a few of them.


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