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    We want to drive Denver to Las Vegas in late January. No experience of season and this area - what would be he best route; weather conditions; and any advice.

    Thanks ByronOz(ralia!)

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    Default Safe winter driving

    Hi Byron and welcome to the RTA Forums!

    what would be he best route; weather conditions; and any advice.
    Major interstates are usually well maintained during the cold season because they are heavily traveled all year long. The shortest route would probably be I-70 W and I-15 S.

    Make sure you have winter tires on your car and bring chains. For more detailed winter driving tips, read this article.


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    Default But...

    ...if there is threat of snow on Loveland or Vail passes, then the drive down I-25 will do as well. Raton Pass in northern New Mexico is your only real worry (check the weather, because it can be a pain), but that is probably the better route if rough weather is blowing in from the west.

    You are lucky that you have two good alternatives, though the southern route adds about 250 miles to the trip.

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