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  1. Default Passing through PA to get from OH to RI

    I have friends that want to go to Rhode Island from Ohio next summer, but they need help passing through PA without falling asleep. They will die of boredom on I-80 for sure. The PA Turnpike looks cool but its too far south. Whats the best way to cross PA to get to Rhode Island without falling asleep, and while your at it, could you give a couple small things to do on the way?

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    Default Not the best approach

    Quote Originally Posted by froman View Post
    ...They will die of boredom on I-80 for sure.
    I have never seen a boring road, but I guess there might be boring people out there somewhere. Seriously, there is plenty to recommend this area.


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    Default attitude adjustment

    I can guarentee, if you are expecting I-80 through PA to be boring, then that is exactly what you'll find.

    I've driven the route a few times, and I've always thought it was one of the more scenic interstates in the east. Lots of hills, valleys, and other landscape changes to keep things interesting.

    I'm curious why you have such a low opinion of I-80, and what makes you think that the Turnpike would be an improvement?

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    Default There are No Boring Roads

    I have to agree with Mark and Michael on this. The boredom does not come from the road but from the driver's attitude. I've driven I-80 across northern Pennsylvania many, many times and I find it one of the most beautiful stretches in the Interstate system. It's no amusement park ride, granted, but that is not the purpose of such highways. Along the way, there are several state parks where one can take breaks, youth-oriented college towns of Clarion and State College, and most notably the hidden gem of their trip. the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. If your friends find all that too boring, perhaps they should fly.


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    Default Or...

    they could also take US-6 if they don't want to take the Interstate, though I also agree that I-80 is one of the more scenic routes out there.

    How many days long is the trip planned to be? It's certainly doable in a single day of driving, but I think two would be better, if for no other reason than to get out and explore some town being driven through along the way, maybe stopping in a state park, etc.

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