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    Default Spending time In Lake Tahoe

    A friend will be spending a few days in Lake Tahoe area in June 2008. Would like to hit a few "most interesting" things to see there.(In addition to Harrah's of course!) Any ideas on a hotel/restaurant there? Thanks.

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    For Dining we love:

    Fridays Steakhouse at Harrahs. Teriffic.

    The Forest Buffet at the top of Harrahs is tough to beat for excellent food, atmosphere, service and the view of course.
    Pricy but worth it.

    Harrahs has a lots of things to do, exciting nitelife and great eating spots. One might have their hands (and stomachs) full there alone.

    In addition to all the fun things & great food at Harrahs, some interesting places worth considering:

    My wife loves "Sing Along with Guido" at Harveys, just adjacent to Harrahs.
    It hilarious. Very popular.

    The historic, yet tragic Donner Memorial/Donner Pass at Donner Summit is about a 2 hour drive NW on US 80 at Truckee, Calif.
    Very well run visitors center and self guided tour.

    Harrahs Auto Museum, (no longer operated by Harrah) is in Reno and is still teriffic.
    It features a classic Bar with a teriffic history, and Grill in a at one time, ice making basement.

    The basement was filled with water before winter, and ice was then harvested through summer.
    Very good food and drink, reasonable prices, and teriffic employees.

    Artifacts and benchmarks of the old ice making operation are still visible today.
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    Default Lake Tahoe Area

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Nearby is Virginia City. That link is just one of several articles on that unique destination. Use the search function at upper left, enter Virginia City, click on RTA, and Search to find the rest. Carson City is another town worth looking into. How much time will you have? How far afield are you willing to travel? And what are your interests?


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    Default RE side trips near Lake Tahoe.

    My friend is fairly flexible, probably would enjoy Carson City and/or Virginia City. Loves western towns, "saloons" all that stuff. Probably would want to saty within 3 hours of Tahoe for side trips. Thanks for the help!!

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    Default Hot Springs Swimming


    For something completely different, travel south of Lake Tahoe on Hwy 89 to Markleeville then turn right to Grover Hot Springs. Just past the campground is a public hot springs swimming pool in a beautiful meadow with mountains all around. Quite unique.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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