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    Default Cooling off the bay area heat

    Me & my husband are leaving on a 3 day vacation to the North coast, CA. We have camping reservations at Del Norte State Park(Mill creek campground) for 2 nights.
    We might leave late Friday evening or early sat morn & hope to return by late Tuesday evening.
    On my hitlist:
    1. a 12 mile hike in Humbold State Park(which we plan to do if we leave on Friday).
    2. Trees of Mystery, Klamath
    3. Gold Beach & Fern Canyon, Prairie creek State park
    4. Local short hikes in Del Norte.

    I think we are fully packed for the trip. But if there is anything you think that can be squeezed in or want me to drop off, please do shout it out!

    We are comfortable with long drives.


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    Reads like you're all dialed in.

    Have fun, report back!!

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