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  1. Default 6 of us Irish guys goin on a road trip from Chicago to Las Vegas

    Travelling in Mid November via the old Route 66 (I-40)and hoping to make it in 5 days. We know its a tight schedule but I was hoping that the good people in RTA could point us in the right direction as regards the best party cities and towns and where we should stay etc....Thanks so much for your help

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    Most the Party Towns are quite some distance North and South of Route 66.

    Any town in Texas with a population over 50.000 usually has a nitelife with a pulse.
    It's in the Texas blood.

    Lots of sleepy farm towns on your route past Texas though.

    You can make up for in in 'Vegas.

    That's the epicenter for nitelife party towns.

    Raise a glass or two for us Lads.
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    Default Directions to the Party

    Céad Míle Fáilte!

    To be perfectly honest, as a grandfather my partying days are well behind me. But I do work at a university and so it should come as no surprise that I'm going to suggest that you seek out similar institutions and their concentrated younger crowd as your primary tool for finding an evening's entertainment. Along your route:

    Springfield, IL: University of Illinois - Springfield
    St. Louis, MO: Washington University
    Rolla, MO: University of Missouri - Rolla
    Joplin, MO: Missouri Southern State College
    Tulsa, OK: Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
    Oklahoma City, OK: Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City; Oklahoma City University
    Amarillo, TX: West Texas A&M University
    Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico
    Flagstaff, AZ: Northern Arizona University
    Las Vegas, NV: University of Nevada - Las Vegas

    Your accents might even be worth a pint or two of stout along the way.


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    Great to see some of our national language being used on the forum!! Thanks for the advice!!
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    The Great Midwest, Illinois to be precise

    Default Great Choice of Road to Follow

    The Mother Road, Main Street USA. Five days probably isn't enough to really do much of the drive on 66, especially if you intend to do some partying. But, you can always get back on the interstate to make time.

    Downtown Springfield, Illinois, is fast becoming party central. Check out the Alamo, on the site of Abraham Lincoln's first law office. Plus. cool jazz way upstairs in the Hilton overlooking Springfield. Also, Marley's, Brew Haus, the Firehouse (climb to the top of the pole and sign the ceiling) and a whole bunch of others.

    Farther away, you can stay at the Route 66 Hotel south of town. This will put you close to the Cozy Dog, home of those great corn dogs. You can walk across the road from the hotel to the Curve Inn, a bona fide Route 66 Roadhouse dating back to the 1930s for another experience. Also, lots of daily drink specials.

    Springfield is all no-smoking and the whole state will be come the new year. However, you can still smoke at the Curve as it is outside city limits.

    Another great place is George Ranks, the round orange bar, which dates to the 1950s.

    We also like the Capital City Bar and Grill out on the southeast side of the city. It is in a strip mall, but has great drink specials and all-you-can- eat walleye for $5.99.

    If you're drinking downtown, I suggest staying there as there are a lot of one way streets that will definitely trip you up if you're not careful.

    If you have time, I definitely recommend the Abraham Lincoln Museum and his home.

    Springfield, a Great Place to Party. I Know, I "Dun" It!!! --RoadDog

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    Any one got any details of any College football games that might be on the week of the 12th of November on Route from Chicago to Las Vegas via Route 66(I40)?Thanks for your help!

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    Default Saturday 'Only'

    The norm in America is for High Schools to play football on Friday nights, Colleges to play on Saturday, and the pros to play on Sunday. That's becoming a little bit less of a hard and fast rule with both the pros and colleges oozing out to Thursday and Monday, but still, that's when most of the games would be played. So if you're looking for a college football game between Nov. 12-16, your pickings are going to be very slim indeed. Here is the schedule of games over that time period. You do realize those are American 'football' games and not FA Cup type football? Your chances of finding what we call soccer are even smaller.


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    I lived in OK City for the past 3 years, nice place, but not much of a party town .... but if you go just a few mile South you'll hit Norman, OK which is home of U of Oklahoma and I believe you'll be very surprised. Forget California, Oklahoma has the best looking women in the US!

    Rt 66 will take you through Edmond, nice town, but probably not what you're looking for. At Edmond/OK City I'd rec you take a slight detour and head N or S for either Norman (see above), or Stillwater (Oklahoma State University). Stillwater can be very, very fun!

    If either of those Universities have a football game (usually on a Saturday) stop by. Don't bother going to the game, more fun to watch it in a bar.

    Between OK City and Vegas ... a lot of open space, but some fun hole in the wall cowboy bars.

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