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    Hello everyone,

    My name is David and i'm new as a member to the website but have been checking out the forum for a long time...

    My partner and me have been planning a roadtrip to the west coast for a time now and have come wiht the following idea/plan.

    Sept. 29th - Fly in L.A.
    Sept. 30th - L.A. sightseeing
    Oct. 1st - L.A. to Vegas
    Oct. 2nd - Vegas - Grand Canyon - Page
    Oct. 3rd - Page - Monument Valley - Kanab
    Oct. 4th - Kanab - Bryce Canyon - Death Valley
    Oct. 5th - Death Valley - Yosemite - San Francisco
    Oct. 6th/7th - San Francisco sightseeing
    Oct. 8th - San Francisco - Somewhere down highway 1
    Oct. 9th - back to L.A.
    Oct.10th - L.A.
    Oct 11th - Back home

    I know is a lot to see in a little time, but we are ok with the fact that we will have to drive a lot every day. Our bigest corncern is Oct. 5th when we will be driving a very long journey, and also worries that Tioga road might be closed...

    Do you guys think this is a carzy roadtrip or a possible one??


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    Default Slow down and smell the roses!

    Hi David and welcome to the RTA community!

    Oct. 2nd - Vegas - Grand Canyon - Page
    Oct. 4th - Kanab - Bryce Canyon - Death Valley
    Oct. 5th - Death Valley - Yosemite - San Francisco
    These 3 days are my main concern since there is a lot of driving involved and moreover I don't think you can really capture the essence of Vegas, Bryce or Yosemite in less than half a day.

    Is this trip possible? Yes, but I doubt it'll be very pleasant for you and your partner. You'll always be in a hurry to get from A to B and you won't have much time to appreciate the places you zoom through. Maybe you should concentrate on the attractions-cities-parks you want to see the most and leave the rest for another trip? That way it gives you an excuse to go back:o) It always worked out well for me!

    Happy planning!

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    Default There are Limits

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    A few of your days are a bit more than jam packed. Las Vegas to Page, by way of the Grand canyon is over 400 miles and about half of it is on two lane roads, including crossing Hoover Dam and the drive through Grand Canyon National Park. That will be a very hard day's drive and will leave time for only the most cursory views of the canyon. Also Page is not really on the way between the canyon and Monument Valley. Similarly, Death Valley to San Francisco is another 400+ mile drive over some twisty mountain roads that can be very slow due to traffic or even closed due to snow. Can you do the trip you have in mind in two weeks? Probably, but you have to address your concerns and come up with a plan that calls for fewer miles, or else all you're going to be doing is driving by some of these places and that would be a shame. Figure out which ones you really want to see, and which 2 or 3 you can skip. Probably your biggest savings would come from dropping everything east and north of the Grand Canyon (Monument Valley, Bryce and Zion) from your itinerary.


  4. Default Thank you!!

    Thank you very much guys for your warm welcome to the forum and the advice given.

    We are now considering amending the trip, so the advise has been very helpful!

    Will let you know our new plan...


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