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  1. Default Big Problem with Car rental in Denver!!

    Hi again guys

    You may have read my post in 'Fall/Winter' trips. I have planned a road trip from Denver for two weeks. I leave on the 8th September. I have booked the car from a UK company that deals with Budget car rental in Denver. The company said I would need a credit card to pay a deposit when I got to Denver. I applied for a credit card and I still havent got it a month and a half later. I'm worried I may have to cancel the trip. Non of the other passengers have cards either. Has anyone else used Budget in Denver or anywhere. Do they actually accept a cash deposit? Surely they want to take my money:)

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Cash deposit is unlikely.
    Did you call your Credit Card company and ask them to step it up?

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    Default Direct Check

    Its fairly unlikely you'll get budget to accept a cash deposit, although its not totally out of the question.

    The best sort of thing to do is call the Denver office directly and find out what their policies are. If they don't allow cash deposits, they might be able to refer you to someone who does.

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    Default The Big Picture - A Big Problem

    I doubt seriously if US Customs would let you into the country if you were carrying the kind of cash you would have to deposit in order to get Budget to let you drive off in one of their cars without having given them a credit card. The problem is that the deposit is not against the cost of the rental. They are giving you a $20,000 to $30,000 car, and would want a cash deposit on that order, not a few hundred bucks. Would you give me the keys to your own car for a few weeks if all I gave you were few hundred quid? How long would it take me to change the serial numbers, repaint the car and steal a new set of plates? You need to light a fire under your prospective credit card company or you are going to be trying to make a RoadTrip with no transport.


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    Default not impossible

    While Buck is right that you can expect the deposit to be significant, for exactly the reasons he talked about, I do know of places that will rent cars with a cash deposit.

    They will require some form additional security to ensure that the car is returned. Most likely, you would be required to give your passport to the rental company.

    However, the whole process will be much easier if you can get a credit card. I would put most of my effort into get that before you leave. Otherwise, I'd check with my bank to see if they could provide you a credit or debt card more quickly.

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    Hi guys, thanks for your replies. As I expected, it seems a credit card is the only way to go! we have a few applications in process so we'll just try and speed them up some how and hope for the best.

    thanks again

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