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    Myself and 4 friends (all males 24-25 yrs old) from England are planning a 3 week road trip in June 2008 and as a result, would like some advice.

    Firstly, we plan to travel from NY to Los Angeles in a 29 foot RV. We plan to travel from NY to Washington DC, onwards to New Orleans and then the long trip to Los Angeles via Houston, Phoenix and Vegas. Is this possible with our timescales?

    Secondly, I'd like to know how much we should take. We want to do quite a bit out there and as I have a few contacts in USA (worked in Louisiana and Los Angeles for a while) I can get certain things cheap. We are planning to take c.$1500 each, after rental costs and flights. We imagine the RV will cost in the region of $4000. Please tell me if I'm way off the mark here.

    Thanks everybody !

    Forgot to mention that we will be visiting friemds in Louisiana and possibly Memphis if not too far out of the way - so a Sothern trip is a must
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Before getting too far into your trip planning, you're going to have to come to grips with a few realities of what three weeks in an RV across America will cost. The major cost is the RV itself. That will run about $3500 before you add in taxes and the one-way drop-off fee, both of which will be substantial and will no doubt push the total cost of the rental well above the $4000 you're hoping for. In addition, that assumes that there will only be one driver and that he will be over 25. Every driver you add, and especially every driver under 25 will add another hefty cost to the rental, $400 or more for each driver under 25. So the first thing I'd recommend is that you actually get in touch with an RV rental company (Cruise America is one that our members have used in the past) and talk brass tacks.

    $1500 each sounds like a lot. Consider that is $75/day/person and with a motor home at your disposal, you can save a bit on feeding yourselves, although I'd be very surprised if you could do it for less than $15/day/person. On the downside, the RV needs to be fed as well. Your proposed trip is around 3600 miles. Being generous and assuming you can get 10 miles out of each gallon of $3.00 gas, that's going to guzzle $50/day over the course of your trip, or about $10/day/person if there are 5 of you. You'll have to park it each night, another $4-5 each if you want to stay legal and see something nicer than a parking lot. So now you're down to $45/day/person. OK - $1500 per person with 5 of you is probably doable, and your time frame is certainly reasonable, but you need to pin down the cost of the RV. If you can get that within your budget, then I think you're good to go.


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    Thanks for your advice.

    I've factored in the gas prices, but hadn't thought that the RV would cost much more than $4k. Would you like to take a wild guess how much so that I can get back to my mates?

    All but one traveller will be 25 when we are out there, so mwe would be inclined to insure 4 people and have the fifth traveller as a non-driver.

    Again, thanks for your help

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    Limiting the drivers to only those above 25 will dramatically reduce your cost, and is probably your best option.

    I wouldn't even want to hazard a guess as to what RV rental costs will be for your specific trip. The only way to really know is to call a couple different places and get some quotes. Prices can vary pretty significantly depending upon when you are traveling and the company you choose.

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