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    Just found this great forum and thought I'd ask for advice/help as I continue to read through the info already posted. My husband is military and we're moving from Long Beach, WA (on the ocean at the OR/WA boundary) back to Atlanta, GA, in just a few short weeks. We have 2 cats and a dog with us, and a 12' enclosed trailer, and have a few necessary stops. We have a canopy for the truck, so the cats will mostly be camping in there as long as the weather is suitable (has great ventilation for them). The cats are being dropped off in St Louis, and we have to meet up with our friend from Houston somewhere along the line (considering Baton Rouge area). We'd like to go through Yellowstone, but would love some advice on places to see/campgrounds to stay at, etc. We don't have a ton of time, and will (very unfortunately) have to be in St Louis by the end of day 6 or 7, so mostly we'll just be driving through places. Any ideas?? Advice for travel with pets? Thanks!

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    Default You Have More Time Than You Think

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    Six or seven days is quite sufficient to cover the 2300 miles from Long Beach to St. Louis, and if you keep up a good steady pace of even 500 miles a day otherwise, will give you a day or so in Yellowstone. The absolute 'must sees' of Yellowstone are, of course, Old Faithful, Fountain Paint Pot, and Yellowstone Lake. Camping in the park itself may be completely booked at this point. Still, it wouldn't hurt to see what's available. I'll also suggest that you leave the park to the south and see the Grand Tetons as well. You can then use US-287 to cut southeast through Wyoming to hook up with I-80 in Rawlins. I-80 basically follows the Platte River through Nebraska. At Lincoln, you'd take NE-43 and I-29 down to Kansas City to pick up I-70 into St. Louis. On your way down to Baton Rouge, be sure to take some time to drive the Great River Road rather than just seeing more Interstate roadway. And hereare some tips for traveling with pets.


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    Default Road Cats

    Here are some tips that apply specifically for cats that I tested over the years.


  4. Default Craters of the Moon??

    Can anyone tell me if Craters of the Moon national monument is worth sidetracking to, and how much slower it would be to take highways 26 to 20 to cut back to the interstate instead of just staying on it in the first place?? Thanks! (Also, any advice about camping in the area, mid Sept?)

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    Default Well, I really liked it

    Quote Originally Posted by cobained View Post
    Can anyone tell me if Craters of the Moon national monument is worth sidetracking to
    I have been there a couple of times in recent years. I think it is pretty cool. Here are some of my field reports of that area:

    Craters of the Moon
    The First Nuclear Power PowerPlant
    Arco -- Paint a Rock


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    Default Costs and Options: Craters vs. the Canyon

    Heading up to Craters of the Moon via US-26 and US-20 is actually about 15 miles shorter than staying on I-84/I-86 to Idaho Falls. It will, however cost you about an extra 30-45 minutes in driving time due to the slower roads. I enjoyed my visit a couple of years ago, but then I'm a geologist. It's not one of the more scenic locations in the national park system, and hiking through its volcanic fields, cinder cones and lava tubes (bring a flashlight!) is not a pleasant stroll, and I certainly wouldn't recommend bringing the pets along. For a more scenic (and practically unknown) venue, try Bruneau Canyon. It too will cost you - about 45 miles and 2 hours driving (over some gravel, but well graded roads). You will also have to pay attention to the signs about 'things' falling from airplanes. The Saylor Creek Air Force Range is next door. But for my money, it is a much more rewarding detour.


  7. Default Local advice

    Anyone driving from Seattle to anywhere else? I'm a big fan of cross country road trips so let me know!

    I live in Everett, WA and can probably help you with the driving from WA to GA. contact me so I could further discuss with you how I can help.
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    Thanks for the offer, but we have a way full truck between the two of us, 6 months worth of life, and all the pets!

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