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    Default Atlanta to San Francisco October


    The family - Aussies living in Belgium (children 7 & 9) are doing a trip in October flying into Atlanta and driving to San Francisco over approx 23 days. Plans currently are:

    Atlanta 3 nights
    Chattanooga 1 night
    Nashville 2 nights
    Memphis 2 nights
    Fort Smith 1 night
    Oklahoma City 1 night
    Tucumari 1 night
    Sante Fe 3 nights
    Grand Canyon 2 nights
    Las Vegas 3 nights
    Yosemite 2 nights
    SanFrancisco 2 nights

    We think we have most of the must sees ticked but any "off the beaten track" ideas welcomed. Feel free to point out any holes in the intinery.

    The areas we are still struggling to finalise - even with the help of some of the great posts on this site - are Las Vegas to Yosemite. We would like to go via death valley. Are we being too ambitious to do this in a day and what would be the recomendations for most scenic route.

    Grand Canyon - South Rim any must sees/dos other than the walk along the edge.

    Nashville/Memphis - what are the must sees.


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    Default on path

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It looks like you are on the right path to having a pretty nice cross country trip, with lots of time to explore things along the way.

    Since you've got a lot of time for your trip, I would try to spend a night either in Death Valley, or along one of the towns on US-395 on your way to Yosemite. The whole thing could be done in a day, but I don't see why you would need to rush it.

    As it sounds like you've discovered, there are hundreds of threads about Las Vegas to Yosemite with lots of good information in them, so keep reading.

    At the Grand Canyon, I'd check out the IMAX film, which is located just outside the park. I've heard very good things about it, although I ran out of time to see it myself on my last trip there, and I'm sure your kids will love the chance to see a movie along your trip.

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    Default Take a hike


    The Grand Canyon may be best seen from below the rim. The views from up top are great, and try to be at one of the view points for sunset, sunrise, or both. But take at least a few hours and hike into the canyon. There are several trails to choose from so ask a ranger what would be the best for the kids. Be sure to take water, food, and hats, and have a good time. Remember that it takes about 3 times longer to hike up as it takes to hike down.

    Don't even think about getting down to the river and back in one day. My crazy 21 year old son decided to give it a go, and even leaving a daybreak with water and food it took him 16 hours! But he dipped his toe in the Colorado River! The blisters on his feet had him in severe pain for weeks.

    Memphis is primarily known for Graceland, Elvis Presley's mansion. And Nashville is the home of the Grand Ole Opry country music show - a Saturday night American tradition. Check them both out and you can say you've seen the cultural highlights of the States!

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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    Default Some attractions : Nashville to Albuquerque

    Check out this recent post to find attractions in Atlanta. In Nashville, go to the Country Music Hall of Fame and in Memphis, you can visit Graceland, the Rock & Soul Museum and stroll down Beale Street.

    In Oklahoma City, check out Bricktown with its cool restaurants by the riverfront and its indoor Rocks climbing center built in old grain silos. The Paseo is another interesting part of town with its historic spanish-styled buildings. The National Cowboys & Western Heritage Center might also be an interesting place. Finally, go to to OKC Museum of Art to admire the 55ft high glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly.

    Since you're most likely to take I-40 all the way to Tucumcari, might as well make a few stops along the way. In Amarillo, stop by the Big Texan Steak Ranch, home of the 72 oz steak and watch while the contestants try to munch on that enormous and disgusting piece of meat in order to get a certificate and a photo on the Wall of Fame. Also, the Cadillac Ranch is a typical roadside Americana attraction not to be missed. Many Route 66 related artefacts and attractions are to be found along I-40 in the South West.

    If you go through Alburquerque, be sure to check out Central Avenue and old Town. Sky City is also worth a look.

    Have a safe trip!

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    After a month of travelling - for work unfortunately - I have finally managed to get back to the trip and check your tips.

    A couple to add in and now looking to tweak to have the extra night on the way to Yosemite.

    2 weeks, 4 days to go. Not that we are counting!

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    ozmill, only just seen this thread.

    Be sure to check out my recent trips to the Atlanta/Chatanooga/Nashville and Memphis areas which will, hopefully, be useful to you.

    Hope this helps and please feel free to ask any specific questions that you may have.

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