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    Default Our Wedding/Honeymoon Roadtrip

    Hello All,
    im new to this forum and very excited to be here! I will first tell a bit about us. Im from Holland and i met Thomas while i was working in London. He is from TX. We are now engaged and going throug the visa process. We hope to be approved soon so i can move to Galveston. Around December we should be able to get married and we decided on a roadtrip from Houston to the Smokey Mountains. We will have about 9 days. What is your advise for places to stop? We have thought about New Orleans, Nashville/Memphis. We are Johnny Cash fans but i believe there is not much left to see there?
    Thanks and hope to hear from you!
    - Marieke

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There's no reason you can't Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans all on the same trip. You would just need to take two different sets of roads between Houston and the Great Smoky Mountains. The slightly shorter way goes through New Orleans via I-10 and I-59. Other places worth looking into along that route include Baton Rouge, LA and possibly detouring through Atlanta to approach the Smokies from the east. You could than return home by going through Tennessee and Arkansas on I-40, I-30 and US-59 back to Houston. In Nashville, of course, there is the Grand Ole Opry, while in Memphis you can visit the place where Johnny Cash got his start in the "million dollar choir".


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    Thats great advise AZBuck.
    Now ya got us wanting to do the same trip.

    Congrats on the wedding.

    I too recently married a foreign girl.
    I was hesitant because I though spare parts may be hard to find.

    Seriously, sounds like you'll have a teriffic honeymoon trip.

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    Thanks guys! Its a great forum. We have been talking and came up with: Houston to New Orleans, NO to Memphis, M to Smokey Mountains, WEDDING, SM to Nashville, N to Hot Springs Arkensas, HS to Houston. What do you reckon, good one? Anyone got reccommendations for the places we'll visit?

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