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    Default Drivng to AZ from MA in November

    I will be moving to AZ (south of Pheonix) from MA this november, likely the 2nd-3rd week. An older family member is moving at the same time. So far, it seems like the best route to take in order to get it done, will be to head south till we hit I-40, then take that all the way to Flaggstaff AZ, then take 17 down to Pheonix, and so on. We are still investigating all of our moving options, but right now the strongest case is for us to rent a 16-20ft straight job, which will pull a dolly with one car on it, and chase the truck with another car. The problem we are afraid of running into is in the ABQ, NM area at that time of year. Someone else I know did the same move, and got stuck in or around ABQ for two days due to snowfall. Is this common? Personally, I would rather drive my own car, a 2003 Ford SVT Focus, which I only have Toyo Proxies summer tires for (sold my 4x4 truck). I really don't want to drive the other car, a 99 Olds Alero, which has some reliability issues. Any tips on what to do? I will be installing a CB/weather radio in whatever I drive out there, are there any alternative routes I should consider? A major detour isn't a big deal, as long as I know in advance and can have it mapped out if we need to go some other way. Thanks for any help you can give me, great site by the way.

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    Default A Few Things to Consider

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    Bad weather is possible anywhere along your route in November, which is the end of Hurricane Season, by the way. But significant snow in Albuquerque is very unusual. The best you can do is to build a spare day into your schedule so that you can sit out any terrible weather, but not scare yourself into bad decisions.

    Actually, the shortest route to Phoenix is I-84 to the New York area, I-78 across New Jersey, and then the Pennsylvania Turnpike to pick up I-70 to Indianapolis. from there I-64 and I-44 will take you to Oklahoma City and I-40. While only 20 miles shorter than going down I-81 to Knoxville, it does save you from driving through Baltimore-Washington.

    Also, a second, portable, CB unit for the truck/dolly would be in order. Just be sure to have the unit and its antenna tuned and tested for range and compatibility with your car unit before the day of the move arrives.


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    Default Southern route is painless...


    Hi, you could head southwest from Knoxville, TN and go through Dallas/Ft. Worth, and come up from the south. No snow to worry about, just a little traffic through Dallas (don't even think about it after 3:00pm).

    The distance difference is negligable and the peace of mind could be much greater.

    Happy move,

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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