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    My fiance, the dog & I are moving from KY to NV. Never had to make a trip like this in a Uhaul truck before. But I'm curious to know about any great locations for camping, lodging, dining along the way. As well as any additional information that could be used to help make this a easy and enjoyable trip. Welcome to anyone who could help or has made this trip ( or similar ones) before. Thanks in advance.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    ...the size of the truck, where in Kentucky you're starting from, where in Nevada you're going to. what you would consider a 'great location' and a whole host of other variables. In fact, one of the great joys of any RoadTrip is the freedom to make tailor made decisions on the spot, to go where wind and whim take you. Now, in general, moving by UHaul truck is easier than with a trailer. They're easier to maneuver and have fewer restrictions on speed. They do lack a little bit in the way of comfort, however, so it's important to plan on a few good breaks out of the cab each day. Plan on taking at least 4 days for the drive, which would be around 500 miles a day, and possibly 5. A pace like that will let you make 2-3 half hour breaks each day. The best locations for such breaks, and overnight camping as well, are state parks. Get a good atlas before you go and have a look at what's available along I-64/I-70/I-15. See which parks or towns appeal to you. Do a web search for each state's state parks and see what they have to offer.

    As for finding good restaurants, my advice is to get off the highway and away from the exit ramp fast food joints. Make meal breaks on of your physical and mental vacations from driving the rig. Head into a small (say 5,000-10,0000) town, park the truck, and walk the main street. Ask people on the street where they eat; check in with the local tourist information center if there is one; poke your nose inside a few establishments and read the menu. The more you invest in finding something that's just right for you, the better off you're likely to be.

    Again, I think the best advice I can give you is to take your time and try to find places throughout your trip that are pleasing to you, that give you a sense that you're on an adventure rather than a job, and don't add to the stress of the move.


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