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  1. Default Leaving Las Vegas - heading to Jersey!

    Hello, fellow trippers!

    Alrighty, I'm relocating to New Jersey - Parlin/Sayreville to be exact.
    I leave either this Monday 8/27 or Tuesday 8/28, depending on when delivers the trailer for me to load up. Ideally, I'd make the trip in 5 days to I can arrive and help my fiancee, the reason for my relocation, unload the Upack truck...

    I'll be travelling in a Ford Ranger pickup. My dog will be my copilot. I plan on having a cooler with me, my PC stored behind my seat (taken in at night when I stop at a motel).

    My theory is to get going early (530am?), eat a good breakfast, then stop at 630-7pm. I enjoy travelling and driving long distances, listening to audiobook and music. I've never driven for five days straight, though.

    Additionally, I'm not sure what route to take.

    SO... any other advice or suggestions, whether route or otherwise, I am all ears!

    Thanks in advance!


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    Default Take It Easy

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Actually, 5 days is just about right for the trip you have to make. It's just over 2500 miles by the most direct route, leaving you covering about 500 miles a day. That will let you drive in nice 2-3 hour chunks broken up by half hour out-of-car exercise breaks for you and your dog. A nice, steady pace like that actually lets you cover the most ground over the long haul without tiring yourself out. The shortest route is just north on I-15 to I-70 to Denver, then I-76 to join I-80 in Nebraska which will take you the rest of the way to the New York metro area. As for general advice - Get a good atlas and have a look at the roads I suggested. See where there are state parks and other good places for you and your dog to take breaks along the way. Have a good idea where 500 miles a day will put you so you'll know if you're falling behind in the pace you need to keep. You won't have a lot of time for sightseeing, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the drive. This should be a nice relaxing drive. Long, yes, but relaxing. You don't need to set a killer pace, so don't


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    Hm, looking at the NWS and other websites, I note the flooding in Iowa and surrounding states. Is this something I should worry about now? Or not worry unless it's still a problem Sunday night?

    Thank for your reply, AZBuck!


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    Default Check Often and Late

    The Interstates are built to a high standard of safety and are usually the last roads in an area to close due to weather. However, that does not mean it never happens:

    "The Indiana Department of Transportation has temporarily closed eastbound Interstate Highway 80-94 (the Frank Borman Expressway) at State Road 152 (Indianapolis Boulevard) through State Road 912 (Cline Avenue) due to high water. Traffic will be directed to take U.S. Highway 41 south to U.S. 30 east to I-65 north back to I-80/94." Chicago Tribune, 8/24/07

    Keep your eye on current conditions and check with the welcome centers as you enter each new state on your drive, but you should be able to get through as things continue to dry out.


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    Alrighty. I've got my route mapped out with mapquest and TravMatix. I'm printing off the articles on what to pack. Hopefully the I-80 is ok by Tuesday/Wednesday - on the road, assuming I've got net access on my laptop I'll try and check a day ahead for road conditions.

    Fingers crossed. I'll try to post my progress here...


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    Default Soggy Chicago

    I would certainly keep an eye on the conditions, and you might consider sticking with I-70, instead of cutting up to I-80 at Denver. While I-80 is open, as of this weekend, the typical traffic snarls in Chicagoland are even worse than usual because of the weather cleanup. Things could be better by midweek, but if there is any more rain at all, you'd probably save some time staying on I-70 and then cutting north once you are east of Chicago.

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