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  1. Default Motel on 95 north of Las Vegas?


    I live in Denmark and I am at the moment planning my family's trip to Western USA next year. I am now looking for a nice place to stay on or near 95 approx. 70 miles north of Las Vegas. I can't seem to find any - so I am hoping that one of you experienced road trippers can help.



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    Default The Desert

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There really isn't anything for development 70 miles north of Vegas on Las Vegas. Most of US-95 through Nevada is a trek through the Desert, with only a few towns thrown in every 100 miles or so.

    Beatty is about 120 miles from Vegas, and there are a few motels there. That's about your only option. However, I'd say if you are only looking to get 70 miles outside of Vegas, then I'd just stay in vegas for the night. For an hour extra of driving, you'll have a whole lot more lodging choices.

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    Default Not on Rte 95 and Not 75 Miles, But...

    The Longstreet Inn and Casino may be roughly what you're looking for. It is about 110 mile from the Las Vegas Airport, and about 15 miles off US-95 down NV-373 (don't be fooled by the map on their website) so it would put you in good shape if you were headed for Death Valley the following morning. My wife and I stayed there a few years ago, in fact, when we were visiting the park. It's a fairly standard resort/casino/RV park/motel, but pickings are, as Michael pointed out, pretty slim in this desert country. At least you shouldn't have any unpleasant surprises.


  4. Default Thanks

    Thanks for the very prompt reply and detailed info.


  5. Default Grand Canyon North Rim to Mammoth Lakes


    Based on the answers to my previous question, I am thinking of changing the plan. So here's another one:

    We (six people, including two children and two parents-in-law) want to drive from Grand Canyon North Rim to Mammoth Lakes in three or four days, ie. stopping for two or three nights (we don't want to do long stretches in the car).

    Any suggestions for where to stop on this route for a little sight seeing and/or relaxation and a good night's sleep?

    Look forward to hearing from you!


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    Default Depending...


    ...on your route. My first choice would be to book two nights at Furnace Creek in Death Valley. (Or one night at Furnace Creek and one night at Stovepipe Wells.) That would give you a full day to explore Death Valley and a day to get to Mammonth Lakes, which isn't all that far.

    If you didn't want to drive that far the first day you could stop in Las Vegas or Pahrump, NV.

    Have a good one,

    Craig Sheumaker
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