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    Thanks for all the driving from staten island so that should cut out all of upstate ny....looks like we will be taking I80 to I90. We decided on driving about 12 hours a day with stops for fuel and gas in between. and 4-5 hours of sleep in between. We also gave ourselves extra room for delays. we are taking a dodge intrepid and figured the gas to be roughly 300..thanks for all the advice

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    I suggest you read this article on speed runs. I, myself, am a fan of speed runs but I never wanted to put myself in danger. I won't push it if I feel I could be a threat to myself or other drivers. I drove coast to coast in a little less than 4 days once and it was a pretty strenuous drive. Even professionnal drivers in the U.S. aren't allowed to drive more than 11 hours in a day. Plus, you don't get to see much, you have to stick to interstates and miss a whole lot of wonderful roadside attractions.

    Drive safe!

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    I drove alone from New York City to Seattle many years ago..
    My car was not particularly fast but had no passenger seat so I could sleep there.

    I get bored driving long distances and sleep very easily so it is essential to sleep
    whenever you are tired. The answer is sleeping as much as is needed, whenever needed.

    Caffeine, loud music and forcing yourself to stay awake only make the situation much more dangerous
    because when your body needs sleep, you must sleep. Don't force yourself into fatigue as it is lethal.
    If you don't get adequate sleep, don't even think of doing it as you will die.
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