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  1. Default driving from ny to seattle in 2-3 days?

    Im getting ready to move to seattle in october and Im not sure if i should just fly and ship my car or drive it. The thing is I want to make it across the country in 2-3 days. Does anyone think this can happen? And what would the expenses be if im not planning to sleep in a hotel?


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    Generally, driving across the country takes 5 days. The trip you are looking at is roughly 2800 miles - to get there in two days, you would have to average 1400 miles a day, 58 mph, for every single hour of the day. How you would do that while you are sleeping is beyond me. So, no, it cannot happen safely.

    Is there a reason that this trip has to happen in such a short period of time? Or do you just want to make the trip 2-3 days? If you had a week or a bit more, then you could make an enjoyable road trip out of the move.

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    well I didnt want to stop anywhere for sightseeing and there will be 2 of us driving...we actually drive all day in the tristate area for a living and we are used to catching sleep in a vehicle for 2-4 hours at a time. I didnt think it would be possible thats why i wanted advice. we are trying to keep the costs down thats why we want to get there in a hurry.

    also would u happen to know the estimated costs?

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    Default Budgeting

    Quote Originally Posted by rdelia View Post
    also would u happen to know the estimated costs?
    Here is a good place to begin your budgeting plans.


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    Also, to get an idea of gas prices, you could go to and look at gas prices in areas along your route. They also have a "Gas prices temperature map" that shows the cost of gas in terms of color

    Being from the Seattle Area If I were to come here from New York, I would take the most direct Route from the east coast, which would be I-90. Going East-West, I-90 starts in Boston, and ends in Seattle. Portions of I-90 are Toll east of the Mississippi so that would have to be taken into account. West of the Mississippi, there are pretty much no tolls on I-90. On I-90, You will be traveling through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, & Washington. According to the current Map (At time of posting) the cheapest gas on the route is in Ohio, Wyoming, and especially Idaho.

    You didn't state WHERE in NY you were coming from, but I-90 goes through the following areas of NY:
    Buffalo, Syracuse, Utica, Albany, & Niverville

    I make a 2100 mile trip ever year in about 4 days, that's with just me driving 8-11 hours a day. So if you drive in Shifts of 11 hours you MIGHT be able to in 3 days, but that is pushing it. From Buffalo to Seattle is about 2635 Miles.
    About 535 miles longer then my annual drive. Round off the Buffalo-Seattle mileage to about 2700 miles and that will give you a decent gas figure for that stretch alone. Gas prices vary by location, so again, go to gas buddy to find gas prices along your Route. Also, you say you are used to sleeping in vehicles, so if you do drive shifts, you can pretty much eliminate the lodging costs.

    I beleive they call I-90 the New York State Thruway in NY.

    I know that in Washington, Idaho, and Montana, the highest Interstate speed limits are about 70 MPH.
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    I've driven from Corvallis, OR (80 miles south of Portland) to Washington DC in 3 days. The distance was about 2,900 miles and we drove about 75mph the whole way in 10 hour shifts with two drivers, taking 4 hour stops each day. We had a 1979 mercedes and drove the whole way on biodiesel. With two drivers I think the trip would be possible in two days if you wanted to push hard. We had a third person along, but he didn't drive.

    What kind of vehicle do you have? We used about 116 gallons of biodiesel, which cost about $350 USD. We also purchased mobil 1 oil, and a new water pump before the trip, making the cost about $450 USD. We slept in the car, and food was free, as a friend gave us BP gift cards his credit card company had sent him.

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    I drove alone from New York City to Seattle many years ago..
    My car was not particularly fast but had no passenger seat so I could sleep there.

    I get bored driving long distances and sleep very easily so it is essential to sleep
    whenever you are tired. The answer is sleeping as much as is needed, whenever needed.

    Caffeine, loud music and forcing yourself to stay awake only make the situation much more dangerous
    because when your body needs sleep, you must sleep. Don't force yourself into fatigue as it is lethal.
    If you don't get adequate sleep, don't even think of doing it as you will die.
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