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    Hello everyone.

    Okay so my mom and I are planning a roadtrip for next year. We have not picked a time or exactly where we want to go as of yet. I live in Seattle and my mom is in Redding, CA which is where we will be starting from most likely. We love to camp and have no problem "ruffing" it so to speak. We have been on many a camping trip together up and down the Oregon coast. This is kind of a rite of passage for us both since I will be turning thirty and my mom will be the big "double f" as she puts it. :)

    We both like to stop and look at historic sites and points of interests. We do not have to plan every little stop that we make but we would like to have some destinations in mind.

    I went on a 3 week roadtrip with my grandparents several years ago and we did Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower, The Battle of Little Big Horn and my favorite Crazy Horse. I would like to see Crazy Horse again if possible.

    We have no time frame yet of how long we want this roadtrip to be since we are not even sure of where we want to go.

    I would love any ideas of interesting and fun places to stop so we will be able to start planning our adventure. Please do not limit this to just areas that have been mentioned. Like I said we have made no plans yet.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lyrik13 View Post
    Okay so my mom and I are planning a roadtrip for next year.
    For most of the folks who are active on this Forum -- such a query seems like planning heaven -- it has been a long time since I was living in a world that was less than 3 days away from my next deadline. Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. I think we can pose a number of places to cruise.

    My first choice -- off the top of my head -- Arkansas. I spent six weeks crusing the back roads one year -- it is an amazing place full of geographic wonders and friendly people. The Everglades and Maine are two more places I want to spend some more time.


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    Though I may sound like a broken record, consider Carlsbad Caverns & The Grand Canyon South Rim.

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