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  1. Default Washington State to Connecticut

    I will be driving from Vancouver Washington to Connecticut in early September
    Does anyone have advice on the best route to take and ones to avoid? I would like to avoid as much traffic and road construction as possible.
    Thank you for any and all advice.

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    Default Here's the Basic Choice

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    Given your criteria, the 'best' route may or may not be the shortest route. The shortest route between Vancouver and Hartford is I-90/I-94/I-90 to Cleveland and then I-80/I-84 to Hartford. But such a route takes your through Minneapolis, where traffic will be seriously disrupted due to the I-35W bridge collapse, and Chicago, where several expressways and the beltway are under construction, as well as Toledo and Cleveland. That route is about 2970 miles. The best 'alternate' route would go I-90 to southern Minnesota, then use I-35, US-18, US-218 and I-380 to cut across Iowa to join I-80 at Iowa City and follow that to the Quad Cities. I-74 would then take you to I-70 at Indianapolis. Follow I-70 until it becomes the Pennsylvania Turnpike and then stay with the Turnpike to Harrisburg where I-81 will take you up to Scranton and I-84 for the final leg into Connecticut. Such a route adds about 180 miles to your drive, but avoids the worst traffic of the shorter route. So whether the extra miles are worth it is up to you. You will still have a few medium to large cities to negotiate, but that can't be avoided.

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    Default Via Salt Lake?


    Since you say you are leaving from Vancouver, WA, not Seattle, you could head down to Salt Lake, then east across Wyoming to Indianapolis, and on as Buck outlined. All good roads, little in the way of steep hills, and a pretty easy drive all the way.

    You should do a little research with the highway departments on each state's website, especially Wyoming and Nebraska, if you are concerned about road construction, but I doubt you'll find it to be too bad.

    Happy travels,

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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