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    I've been thinking about a cross country road trip for some time for a vacation. It's about 5 or more years out... but, can never plan to soon or enough for what I have in mind. Once I get my TransAm done. I want to start working on my 1970 Convertible GTO (yes, I have restoration project car that I got from Mike a year ago).

    I figure it will take me 5 years to complete. My plan is to build it with this trip in mind (motor type, rear end gearing, brakes, air condition, etc).

    Today it would cost about $1,000 to have a car hauled from NY to California. I would fly to California pick up the car and drive to NY. I would plan on a 15 day trip (in the car).... Right now I'm trying to pull together the feasibility of a trip like this. My goal is to hit 3 major destinations along the way - like a national park, a car event, etc. Some camping and hotels. It'll be costly, I'm sure, but that's what I have to figure out.

    Car Hauling, air fare, gas, hotels and camp sites are just the beginning. If the costs become too great I might have to scale the trip down. My question is what would be a route to take-in some good sites? I'm thinking national parks that could be selected - like, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Yellow Stone, etc? I'm sure there are a million point of interests that might come to mind like Las Vegas and other cities.

    Route 66 routes with small towns? Allot of thought needs to be put into a trip like this because there are so many things to see (and you can't do it all). The main goal of the trip is to see a couple of big things and the rest leave up to adventure - the rest will happen along the way.

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    I'm not sure that I quite get the point of your inquiry. Leaving aside the trip you have proposed for 2012, it sounds like you are looking for advice on a trip to California to retrieve a car. If that's the case, do you plan to drive that car back or rent a car and tow your new purchase back to New York? I would be very surprised if you could pull off such a drive for $1000 once you factor in the cost of a one-way rental, a towing dolly or trailer, the extra gas, etc. If you're looking to scale back costs to keep the trip within the realm of feasibility, the easiest way to do that is to keep the trip as short as possible. You would want the most direct routing that still lets you see a bit of America. Just remember that every day on the road will add around $100 to the cost of the trip, so if you can do it in 6 days, but take 15, then you've added nearly $1000 to the cost. So with that in mind, find out first what the least expensive trip would be in terms of time and money and see how much you can afford to add. Now California is a big target, so I don't really know where you plan to start from, so I'll assume L.A. The most direct route is I-40 to Oklahoma City, I-44 to St. Louis (these two roads roughly parallel the old alignment of US-66), I-70 to Central Pennsylvania and I-76/I-78 to New York. Such a drive would bring you within relatively easy detour distance of Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest National Park, the Ozarks, The Arch in St. Louis, and the Ohio River valley.


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    OK - I need to clarify. My intent is to ship a car that I am restoring to California (yes the LA area). I figured the cost to pay a car hauler to do that would be around $1000 - $1200. Me and my wife would then fly out to LA from NY. Once we get there we would drive the car back to New York. I've been restoring American muscle cars for 18 years and drag racing in nostalgic car events for 6 years. I got the desire to see America... or at least some of it. Gas, meals, hotels, camping, costs I'm set on. I've been traveling for work for many years in the north east. But what I'm lookin g for suggestions is which route to take keeping in mind what sites I'm looking for and time to do it in. I don't what this trip to be a road ralley if you know what I mean :)

    Thanks for your suggested route. I will look into it a little further and see how it looks. Any other tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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