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    I'm about to embark on a trip from LA to Vancouver BC and it has to be done in three days. Does anyone have any ideas about the best places to stop along the way? I'd like to do somewhere between 6-8 hrs. a day ( it's about a 20 hr trip)
    Any advice at all would be much appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by westcoasttrip View Post
    ( it's about a 20 hr trip)
    Actually, by the shortest possible route, it is 1275 miles and the fastest anyone can cover this distance without a police escort is about 22 hours or two full days of driving at 11+ hours per day.
    I'd like to do somewhere between 6-8 hrs.
    So it will take all three days to cover that distance. Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Red Bluff is a nice town and would be a reasonable first nights stop. The second night you could expect to get to Portland and then on into Vancouver on the next day.


  3. Default 2-3 days....

    LA area to Vancouver area is doable in 2 or 3 days. I just did about this trip in June -- I did OC to Bellingham WA, and return as part of another longer trip.

    If you want to make this trip in 3 days, the places to look for stopping are

    First night, somewhere north of Sacramento, short of Redding. Places to consider staying might include Corning, Willows, or Red Bluff. Not amazing places to say -- but not bad. There is a new Indian Casino in Corning with 2 big new hotels next to it, I noted.

    For the 2nd night, you might consider somewhere between Eugene and Portland OR, or Vancouver Washington. Eugene and Salem have a good selection of hotels, as does Portland and its suburbs.

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