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  1. Default 1st time solo driving-Chicago to CT in Sept.-need help!

    Hi all - new to this site and it's terrific!
    I want to take my first road trip, driving solo from Chicago to Fairfield CT in mid-September. I had hoped for a take-my-time trip both ways, but find I must leave on a Friday evening and need to be in CT on Sunday (is this reasonable?) - I can mosey back. I have driven this trip on Rte. 80 a number of times (though always with a co-pilot) and lordy, it was numbing. Looking for advice on a few things: 1) how to stay engaged as a solo driver on really boring stretches; and 2), any advice for interesting diversions on the way back - I can take 3 or 4 days.
    I should mention I will be traveling with my disabled daughter; she uses a lightweight wheelchair- a stroller, really - so not so different from traveling with a toddler, and with about the same limits. Our last few flying trips were so awful, I think that driving can only be better - what do you think? Am I nuts?
    Thanks so much!

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    Default Two Routes, Two Ways

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Fairfield can be reached in an easy two day drive from Chicago by way of I-80 basically, using I-287 around New York and I-95 for the final stretch. So you can quite reasonably expect to be there on Sunday afternoon if you leave Chicago on Friday evening and just keep up a relatively steady pace. Now, as you note, the Interstates can induce a condition known as highway hypnosis. The best antidote is to take frequent short breaks, say a half hour off the road every 2 hours. You have the time for this, so why not. These don't have to be elaborate stops at major tourist attractions, they need only be time outs to take a walk through a small town or a stroll in a nearby state park. As some examples: Oak Lawn Park in Sturgis, MI; Crane Creek State Park outside Toledo, OH; Cuyahoga Valley National Park outside Toledo; The small university town of Clarion, PA. Anyway, you get the idea.

    On the way back, with some extra time and the desire to see something other than more Interstate roadway, try taking US-6 across northern Pennsylvania and Ohio which will take you by the Delaware Water Gap, the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, and, the islands in Lake Erie, and ndiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

    Do I think you're nuts for wanting to drive rather than fly? Hardly, I think you'll have a much better time, see a lot more, and you won't lose your own luggage.


  3. Default Thanks very kindly!

    I have looked at your suggestions, and now I'm quite excited and looking forward to the trip. Thanks you so very much! - Bridie

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