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  1. Default RV from SFO/Yosemite/Death Valley/Vegas/Grand Canyon to Vega

    Hi everyone!

    My wife and I are going in September for our first 'road trip' in America. We are going to rent an RV in SFO and give it back 12days later in Vegas.

    We would like to know the places not to miss and also the best places to park our RV on the way.

    Places we would like to see are
    - Yosemite
    - Death valley
    - Grand Canyon
    ... and everything that we should not miss ;)

    Any tips and suggestions would help

    Julia & Julien.

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    Default Should be a lovely holiday

    Quote Originally Posted by juliajulien View Post
    We are going to rent an RV in SFO and give it back 12 days later in Vegas
    After twelve days, you will just about be practiced enough to really enjoy this style of roadtripping. Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. We have a couple of articles & RV resources you ought to read and use on your upcoming adventure.

    The first is an overview about rental RVs
    The second is a brand new book about renting RVs
    Third is a checklist you should take with you when you pick up the rental
    Fourth is a overview about the types of campgrounds you can expect
    Fifth is a brief discussion about the practice of boondocking
    and you might wish to check out the other articles in this section as well.
    Places we would like to see are
    Here is a good list of threads to read about these places.

    Happy Planning!


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    Where will you be renting it from? I know there is a large RV Rental comapny in Oakland, if that's it take the BART, a taxi would be quite expensive.

    Also budget at least 3 hours to pick up the RV and check EVERYTHING, if you find out something isn't working a day or 2 later you may be on the hook for the repairs.

    I live in the Bay Area and love my RV, will pass some tips in a day or so.

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    Thanks for all your tips.

    the RV we are renting is coming from El Monte, but we aren't sure yet if it is in Oakland or SFO.


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    You want to check where they are located, El Monte is a very good outfit, so the RV should be in nice shape, but actually getting to their site may take some planning.

    I would recommend you google "KOA" which stands for Kampgrounds of America. They are pretty good RV campsites and are geared for people on vacation. Since you'll be tired after your flight/picking up the RV there is a nice KOA in Petaluma (about 1.5 hours N or the SF Airports). It's right off highway 101, and a good place to get set up for your road trip.

    KOA also has the only RV park that is located on the Vegas Strip; reality is it's not much more than the Circus Circus parking lot, but the price is right and all the attractions of Vegas are withing walking distance.

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    I just checked the koa link I think it will be very usefull.

    Do you think it is possible to take the tioga pass in september with an RV?


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    Think about a KOA value card, it runs $16 and will give you 10% off each night, if you use it 3 times it'll pay for itself. Also a Good Sams or Woodalls guide that lists (almost) every RV campground is a good investment, you can usually buy one at KOA for around $20. Many a night I've decided I'm too tired to drive much longer and open the Woodalls guide, find an RV campground close by and call it a night. Most campgrounds have an afterhours check in. I don't recommend spending the night in a Wal-Mart parking lot, or highway rest stop. For the amount of money you're spending on this trip invest $20 and stay at a private campground. It'll be more secure.

    Tioga Pass in an RV? If you've never driven an RV, and the RV is an E-350 or equivalent ... well it could be white knuckle, but as long as you take it very, very easy, you should be all right, best to give yourself an honest assesment regarding how comfortable you are with driving the RV after 2-3 days.

    I'm a fan of I-50 in Nevada (loneliest road in America, google that term for info), a bit N of where you want to go, but fun. It may be hot in S. Nevada that time of year so rec you keep some alternate plans in your back pocket just in case.

    If you're heading N, the Manchester Beach KOA is very nice, drive is challenging, but not too bad, just lot's of twists and turns once you get off highway 101; if you go there for one night you'll experience a drive through a redwood forest and a few miles on the Pacific Coast Highway. Very nice lighthouse that is open to the public a few miles N of the KOA (I believe it's Point Arena).

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    I just googled El Monte, and it appears to be the RV rental outfit I drive by quite a bit that is located in the "East Bay," take a look at a map, the "peninsula, SF proper, and SFO are on the west side of SF Bay, the other side, or eastern side of the Bay which contains Oakland is known as the East Bay.

    According to their website they do not offer transportation to/from SFO, and they recommend BART (the subway), I'd email to confirm. Be ready to drive in big city traffic your first day, not through the city center, but along a major highway/potentially over a bridge your first day.

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    hi,we are doing our first r.v trip in october,similar to is our first trip also,so i can't offer much advice,however if your going to yosemite/grand canyon etc you can book sites in the parks
    also after looking and hearing what people have said we are going to visit zion and bryce canyons as well as the grand canyon.

    there is also an rv park in las vegas just south of the strip,not cheap but looks good.

    have a great trip
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    Another RV park you may want to try out on your first night is the KOA in Monterrey, nice town. Also there are a number of large casino hotels in Nevada outside of Vegas, they all have RV parking. I'm not much for casinos, but these are always good, clean, safe and affordable.


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