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  1. Default West coast kick (Chicago to San Diego)

    Well guys the west coast trip is back on with me and the wife. Sept 10th. We nixed the suv idea and going to rent something a little more comfy. But here is the line up...

    Day 0 - Pizza, coolers and watching National Lampoons Vacation (A must)
    Day 1 - A killer 1019 Miles on the road Chicago to Denver (I-80/I-76)
    Day 2 - All day in Denver
    Day 3 - 655 Miles on the road Denver to Las Vegas (I-70/I-15)
    Day 4 - All Day in Vegas
    Day 5 - 1/2 Day in L.V. 237 Miles on the road L.V. to L.A.
    Day 6 - All Day in L.A.
    Day 7 - All Day in L.A.
    Day 8 - All Day in L.A.
    Day 9 - 1/2 Day in 1/2 Day in San Diego
    Day 10 - All Day in San Diego
    Day 11 - 491 Miles on the Road San Diego to Flagstaff (I-40)
    Day 12 - Grand Canyon
    Day 13 - 863 Miles on the Road Flagstaff to Oklhoma City (I-40)
    Day 14 - 760 Miles on the Road Oklahoma to Chicago (I-40/I-44/I-55)

    The last 4 days are very flexible. We don't know how Day 11 through Day 14 will work.

    I think it is relatively decent. Of course any suggestion on improving it would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default 4,300 miles in 6 Days?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I suppose that at some level, such a trip makes sense, but you've concentrated all your driving into just 6 days. I doubt seriously that you will have any strength or energy to enjoy anything in Denver. I've pointed out before on these forums that nearly every experienced RoadTripper here has done a 1000 mile day once in their lives, and none of them recommends it to anyone else. You're simply exhausted the next day, If you do this on the first day of your trip, You're just putting yourselves behind from the get-go. Same thing on your return trip. You're going to try to cover over 2100 miles in just 3 days of driving. You can pull off a single 700 mile day with a fair bit of effort, but three in four days? Don't forget that each of these days will also be an hour shorter as you work your way back through the time zones to the east. Since that hour can't come out of your driving, it will have to come out of your sleeping. If you get home and don't swear that you're never getting in a car again, I'll be surprised. As it is you will obviously have no time to see anything along your drive other than at your scheduled stops, so I'm not sure what kind of suggestions you're looking for, so I'll just make this one - rethink how you've laid this out and how much ground you can realistically cover in one day's driving and still enjoy it.


  3. Default Thanks

    Thanks for the quick reply. Getting to San diego is no problem.

    I have made the Chicago Denver leg several times before. Denver vegas is new terrain for me so should be exciting. Lv to La ... boring! but short. It's coming back East on 40 that is going to be a killer. A helpful sugggestion would be how to get from flagstaff to chicago in 3 or 4 days and still be exciting.

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    Default Flagstaff to Chicago in 3-4 Exciting Days

    Sure, try this. From Flagstaff, take US-89, US-160 and US-163 up through Monument Valley and then use UT-162 and CO-41 to cut back southeast from Bluff to pick up US-160 again by Mesa Verde to Durango. US-550, the "Million Dollar Highway" will then take you up to US-50 east through the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Once out on the plains, US-50 continues to Dodge City, where a short detour down US-400 and US-54 will take you through Greensburg, KS, the town that was recently leveled by a tornado. At Wichita, pick up I-35 to Kansas City. From there you can either boogie back to Chicago on I-70 and I-55 or take a somewhat slower routing through northern Missouri on US-36 through Hannibal and use I-72 for your connection to I-55.


  5. Default Thanks

    Thanks for the suggestions. The more I look at it though, I see what you mean. That is a bit much. It's just me and the wife though... and we both beleive getting there is half the fun. We both love the open road. And new scenery. We will leave Denver about 9 or ten am heading west on 70 through the mountains.

    The part i am also curious about is day 3. I have never driven through mountains, Driving at relatively brisk pace with a few casual stops... what time should we reach vegas? I know 700 miles on 70 through the mountains is different than 700 miles through Indiana, ohio and Penn.

  6. Default Saftey on the road.

    My wife and I have cell phones for this trip (suppose to be nationwide service) I also have a cb. Is there a need to get a handheld scanner? Is there anything else I should think about purchasing? I keep hearing about bad storms and dust storms across Oklahoma.

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    Default Does the CB have the weather channels?

    Quote Originally Posted by grant34 View Post
    Is there a need to get a handheld scanner?
    I liked using scanners for winter travel -- it turns out the very best source of icing conditions is relayed by school bus drivers in a given area. If your CB has the built-in Weather channels that would be sufficient, it not, I would get a portable weather radio. What each of us carries for road trip gear is a subject of onging discussion. Here is an excellent thread with all sorts of ideas.


  8. Default SCanner

    Thanks for the suggestion. We just got some serious storms that came through here tomight. I am picking up the Uniden BC246T
    portable scanner for the road trip. That along with the cb and cell phones we should be fine.

  9. Default What is "Ranch Exit"

    Hey guys... we are in day 4 of our 14 day road trip. Staying here at the Venetian in Vegas. Quick Question. On I-70 west of Denver and I-15 in Southern Utah, I saw no less than 9 or 10 state regulated signs for "Ranch Exit 1 Mile". What is that?

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    Default Just What It Says

    Here in the west, there are far fewer through roads than you're used to in the east. When the Interstates were constructed, they were not built on new right-of-way but simply on top of previously existing US and state highways. Ranches along those old routes still needed highway access, and since there were no other roads within dozens of miles, they each got individual exits to the Interstate. Rather than make a special sign for each Ranch, a generic "Ranch Exit" sign was made to mark these exits.


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