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    Default Driving from SF to LA

    Hi! I'm new here!

    My daughter and I are driving from San Fran. to LA. in Feb 2008, as part of a vacation.

    What is the best way to go to view the coastline and how long should we plan?

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    Hi Barrsitter.
    The distance from San Francisco to Los Angeles is 390 miles.
    8 hours behind the wheel is a good figure to start with.

    We suggest US Highway 1 for the coastal scenic route you may seek, and add several more hours drivetime if you select that route. Perhaps an hour or two more for stops/breaks you make the call.

    It can be slow going on some US 1 stretches. Beach traffic, traffic signals, hairpins, grades, switchbacks and occasional construction.

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    Default Driving from SF to LA

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for replying. Should we stay over night at Carmel or somewhere else along the coastal route? or drive straight through?

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    I would.
    Monterey Bay is our favorite place.
    The aquarium is a nice stop too.
    On Cannery Row & just across the lane from the Aquarium you can visits Steinbecks hangout and have lunch, even sit in his "regular" spot.

    Bullwackers fish and chips is a teriffic spot for lunch too. Dripping with character and fun.
    Just a few doors down
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  5. Default We just made this trip last week.

    We took the 101 freeway from LA to San Luis Obispo and saw almost as much coastline as we would've taking Pacific Coast Highway (Hwy 1) through that same area. From San Luis Obispo we picked up PCH to Cambria. That is a great place to stay overnight and is close to midway on your trip. We'd recommend staying at any of the places on Moonstone Drive. It's right on the coastline with beautiful views. You can watch the seals play here or travel a few miles down the road to see the elephant seals on the beach. Hearst Castle is next door in San Simeon.

    After we left Cambria we took PCH almost all the way to San Francisco. It was a beautiful drive but will take extra time. Well worth it, though.

    If you are interested in Cambria, I can give you the names of some hotels/inns to check out. We stayed at White Water Inn but there were several others in that same area that looked very nice, too.

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    Default San Francisco to Santa Cruz

    Starting from the Cliff House in San Francisco, you can drive the Great
    Highway to SR35 (Skyline Blvd) to Hwy 1.

    You'll drive through Devil's Slide. The road travels through an active landslide area.

    Along the way, you pass through the towns of Montara, Moss Beach and
    Half Moon Bay.

    There's a hostel at the Montara Lighthouse. Photo of the lighthouse:

    [Photo by Roadie]

    At Moss Beach there's a restaurant overlooking the coast called the
    Moss Beach Distillery purportedly haunted by the "Blue Lady".

    Next to Pillar Point Harbor is the world class big wave surf spot known as

    Continuing south along Hwy 1, you'll pass through coastal farmland.

    You'll come to the town of Half Moon Bay. It's worth a stop to explore
    downtown Half Moon Bay.

    Further south is the Ano Nuevo State Reserve. You'll see elephant seals. February is
    part of the breeding season. Sign up for a guided tour.

    There are parks all along the coast in addition to Ano Nuevo. You'll have
    plenty of opportunity to take a hike and explore. One of the larger parks
    is Big Basin State Park. From the coast, you can hike the Skyline to the Sea Trail.
    Hiking the entire trail would be an overnight backpack trip, but you can
    take a short hike to stretch the legs.

    Drive inland into the Santa Cruz Mountains to the main entrance of Big Basin State Park,
    where you can explore redwood forests.
    The most popular trail is the hike to Berry Creek Falls.

    Continuing down the coast into Santa Cruz and Capitola.

    These are only some of the places you'd pass along this part of Hwy1.
    Have fun doing your own research and exploring.

    Here's a Google Map link to locations.
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    Default Another gorgeous photo


    Thanks for those suggestions -- another beautiful shot!


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    Default Amazing

    What a beautiful picture Roadie. Thanks for sharing.


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