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    Planning to leave mid-January, almost immediately dropping south to I-10, west to I-8, into Santee (San Diego County), CA. Have lots of time so want to know the best sites to see where Tazz (80# German Shepherd) will also be welcome. He is retired Service Animal, so very well behaved, friendly. Want to stay in more "family" owned motels, rather than the big, no personality, type. Interested in any comments, suggestions about driving and sightseeing along the 10. Am open to all experiences - historical, architectureal, etc. No interest in high priced "attractions". What clothing do you suggest for the temps I may experience. I am an experienced road tripper, but never driven much west of the Mississippi. Also, I am an able bodied, Senior Citizen. Want to see as much as possible, and fortunately have the time. Thank you for your input.
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    When I used to travel with my own dog (English Setter), I would always make abundant use of state parks near the Interstate. While many had 'leash' regulations, they were typically happy with 'control' which I'm sure is well within Tazz' repertoire. These were much more rewarding for both him and me than the exercise we could get at the roadside rest areas. Some of the better ones along your route include Palmetto State Park and Kerrville-Schreiner Park in Texas, and Rockhound State Park in New Mexico. The hike into Fort Bowie National Historic Site would be good, and dogs are allowed, leashed, in certain portions of Saguaro National Park in Arizona. Those should at least give Tazz the occasional break he deserves.

    As for family-owned stand-alone motels, the best source of information I know is still the AAA Guide Books. If you're not a member, I think you can still purchase these, or you can go on-line to search their data base, but it is a bit cumbersome - the books are easier to use. As an old New Englander and current Arizonan, the best clothing advice I can give you is to bring layers, and be ready for everything from the possibility of sub-freezing temperatures at night to near 90 during the day. Rain, however, should not be a factor. And, of course, check these tips for traveling with pets.



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