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  1. Default I need HELP planning a trip!?!?!

    Hello all, ive been searching online for tips on a future road trip and this looks like the place to be.

    anyway a friend and i would like to take a 2-3 month road trip next summer. no place in particular, just drive cross country. As for my questions, about how much money will need to be saved(were 21) for that amount of time for the both of us? we were figuring maybe a couple grand each? Second, as for a vehicle, i would like to buy a cheap little 4 cylinder van or wagon that would last the trip, if possible, that way we'ed have room to sleep semi comfortably and store "luggage" but would it be durable enough? he sorta just wants to take a little car? also how do you go about showers?!? i mean im no girl, but i cant go more than a couple days without one? would loading up on canned foods and bringing a portable grill work? any info is appreciated or any tips or things you think i should know before we embark is also appreciated! thanks.

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    Default Let's Be Realistic for a Moment

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    Do you think you could live comfortably on $8,000 per year? That's what you're proposing when you say you want to do a three month road trip on 'a couple grand'. My own rule-of-thumb when I do early general planning is to count on $100/day for lodging, gas, food, entry fees, etc., etc., etc. For a three month RoadTrip, that would mean I was looking at $9,000. Now, there are ways to keep expenses down, but not as much as you would like. To get a look at some of the decisions you'll have to make on how to live and what you'll need to pay for on the road, go over this post. You also need to keep in mind that what might be an adventure for 1 night, such as sleeping in a small wagon, would get very old very fast and make this trip more of a nightmare than a dream. Also, is the car/van/wagon coming out of your combined $4,000? If so, then you'll end up with both a car that's probably not up to such an extended drive and no money to make it. Obviously, we like to encourage people to get out on the road and experience America and the joy of traveling through it. But we also want people to enjoy those travels, and that requires starting out with a bit more realistic set of assumptions than seems to be the case here.


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    Yeah i agree with everything you said, and allow me try a clarify a bit. We're from the west coast, we live in San Diego. We would like to keep it a 2 months but if it went into the third month it shouldnt be an issuse. obviously i understand a car/home gets old fast which is why im peferfectly fine with staying in some motels a couple times a week especially if thats the onyl way we can shower. (are there any other ways to shower while on the road other than motels?) as for the money issue, my friends family is pretty wealthy and normally provide him with expenses. Hes a full time student and i work full time and attend school part time. so we would like to keep a certain budget be we would in no way go into this with the minimum amount of money. i just kinda of through a couple grand out there as a number. i was thinking we could buy a 4 cylinder van not with the money we had for the trip, that is if we could find one thats up for the challange. anyone have an idea of about how much in gas were looking at from west to east coast and back? thanks. any other tips are appreciated.
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