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    Default Coast to coast in August '08

    What a great forum! Hopefully you can give us some advice as well! We (me and my boyfriend) are planning a coast to coast roadtrip in North America for august 2008. We’ve already done some budgeting and route-planning but are still open for any suggestions.

    The plan for now is to fly from Europe to NYC and rent a car there. From there we would drive to Boston, Montreal and Toronto. Our goal is then to drive to the west coast, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego and Las Vegas (from where we’d fly back to NYC, spend a few days and then fly back home). But what to do in between? What would be the best route from Toronto to Vancouver?

    We’re not very familiar with the different states/provinces and what they offer, so any suggestions are welcome! We like bigger cities as well as idyllic small towns, sunny beaches and beautiful scenery, and I LOVE shopping.

    Does this trip sound possible to execute in 4 weeks? We would prefer to spend a few days in at least San Francisco, Vancouver, New York etc.

    What about the car rental, is it okay to drive from the US to Canada and back? The rental will probably be over $2000, can you recommend any companies for this specific trip? Our budget now is $6000 per person (approx. $2400 for flights, car rental and fuel costs. $2400 for accommodation and food. The rest for shopping…)

    And also, any recommendations for the flight from the west coast to NYC? Is it preferable to book the flight in advance ..?

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    For a moment there, I thought the time was a bit tight, but then I see you are flying back to NYC. The reason is that it generally takes five days to drive from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific.

    If you love shopping, then NYC will have everything you could possibly want to shop for.

    Were you planning on making your cross-continent trek through Canada, or by returning to the United States?

    You will want to check with your car rental agency about international travel into Canada. Another thing you have to realize is that one-way rentals can and do have added fees that a rental that will be returned to the point of origin will not have. That said, I think the budget you have for travel expenses is quite low.

    It is always preferable to book your flights in advance. Generally, you will pay more the closer to the date of the flight, if I remember correctly.

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    Thanks for the quick response!

    The problem is that we dont know whether to drive through Canada or return to the United States because we know very little of any of the places in between. Our original plan was to drive through the US but we haven't come up with any specific locations that interest us, so it is difficult to plan a route..

    The budget for the travel expenses is per person, so the actual amount for all flights, car and gas would be closer to $5000.. (The international flights are probably between $1000 and $1500 for the both of us) Or do you still think its too little...?

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