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    Greetings all- My wife and I are packin up our volvo wagon and heading west for our anniversary/vacation. We are heading to chicago primarily for the tiki bars and music joints, but would love to hear other peoples ideas of what would bea blast, or if you know any routes that are great. We have about 2 weeks. Interests include roadside attractions, tiki bars, juke joints and music history, motorcycles & scooters, 1950's culture and such. Any tips on great places to eat, drink, be merry, stay or otherwise enjoy on our trip is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    This is close enough to Philly that you've probably already been there, but if not head for York, PA and tour the Harley-Davidson factory, and while in Chicago, it might be worth a call up to Milwaukee to see how the museum is coming along. Also on the way, of course, is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. For a non-traditional route that would offer a good chance of finding stranded bits of 50's culture (before the Turnpikes), consider following the old Lincoln Highway.


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