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    Hi there, I come from London England, and next Summer i want to do a road trip from East coast to west coast with my two teenage kids, would ideally like to spend a month doing this .... Want to start organising now, and would really appreciate any suggestions or help on this matter ...
    I am thinking about something like VA to CA ......?
    Many thanks,

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    Any hints, or things that interest you, or must see attractions? Unless you have a desire to see NY (if you do I don't recommend driving in NYC), I recommend flying into a city other than NY, just easier driving.

    Dulles, the int'l airport for Washington DC is a good starting point and has many direct flights from London.

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    Default Two Teenagers?

    I'd suggest starting off in Florida. That way you can start and end your trip on the beach.

    From Florida you can head through the deep south through New Orleans, Houston, El Paso, into New Mexico and Arizone before hitting California.

    But, as Elkhnd said, we're going to need more info about your interests, likes and dislikes to be able to help you much.


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    Ok thanks for that ....

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    Yep, thanks for that, I will avoid NY as the driving is pretty hairy, and my teenage daughter might just go into spasm when she sees the shops ! (trying to get her to get the simple life, art, culture etc ... and away from consumerism ) And will therefore probably start in DC, though i like the idea of beach to beach, so FL is also a poss starting point .... I will get back when I have more definitive ideas as to what to do and see etc .....
    Thank you both for your kind replies

    Paul ( London boy )

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    Default D.c.

    Well, DC is definitely a great place for culture. How old is your daughter? I actually lived in DC for a few months when I was 15 and again at 18. I had a blast. There are many places that you can get to on foot and the subway system there is wonderful. I roamed all over DC when I was there.

    Most of my time was spent at the Kennedy Center or at the Watergate Hotel next door (usually eating pizza or shopping at the Safeway).

    If you have specific questions about DC I'd be happy to answer if I can.


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    Default DC - again

    Here is a thread about DC. I had forgotten about this earlier.


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