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    We're planning to fly out to Las Vegas on 16 March. Ideally we would like to do 14 night circular tip. We plan to do the Grand Cayon, Death Valley Yosemite, San Francisco, Big Sur down to LA, maybe Joshua Tree and back to Vegas.. We were planning on driving from Vegas, through Death Valley, up to Yosemite and across to San Francisco, However I have discovered this is going to be impossible in March as the Tioga Pass will be closed. Are all roads closed at this time of year across the mountains - do we have to go via Fresno or could we drive up through Lone Pine and to Lake Tahoe and then cut across to San Francisco? Is this route do-able in 14 nights?

    Thanks - any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Default not "impossible"

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You are right that Tioga Pass will be closed, but it is still possible to do the trip you have outlined. After Death Valley, you can head over to Bakersfield and then go north to Yosemite, or as you mentioned, you could go up to Lake Tahoe, cross the Sierras there, and then go back down to Yosemite.

    I would also recommend hitting the Grand Canyon between your LA and your Las Vegas legs, otherwise you'll end up doubling right back through Vegas to get from GC to Death Valley. I think you'll be able to do everything in 14 days, but will have to keep moving at a good pace.

    This thread has some good links about sites and travel in this area.

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    If time allows, unsure of weather, think about NV-95 from Vegas to Fallon/Fernley, I've driven between SF and Vegas both via that route and the more traditional route (via the Interstate).

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    Thanks for your advice - in your opinion which is the best route to take? Is there anything worth seeing around the Bakersfield/Fresno area? Or would be be best/nicer to drive up to Lake Tahoe?


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    Default Can hit snow with either route

    Quote Originally Posted by LKH View Post
    Or would be be best/nicer to drive up to Lake Tahoe?
    It is a very nice drive to San Francisco via one of Sierra Nevada Passes, US-50 or I-80, but you have to remember that you could hit snow (and snow delay) on those routes. It is also a very long day via US-395 to Tahoe to San Francisco (12-14 hrs at the fastest). You can also hit snow on the southern route (but if your intention is to drive to San Francisco directly from Las Vegas you won't go near Fresno). Sequoia and Kings Canyon NP are here. Also here is a very good thread that addresses your trip.

    Fastest route is I-15 > to CA-58 > I-5 > the bay area. About 8 hours.


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