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  1. Default is this capable of being done

    is this capable of being done or should I add in a couple of days

    I would like a couple of hours at each location

    I am young and in great shape so I'm not to concerned about stress and exhaustion.... I will probably be dropping into a 6/6/6 rotation (18 hr days)
    6 on 6 off 6 asleep (how we did it on USN Submarine I drove a submarine for 9 months this way) So I would drive in my 6 on I would sight see on my 6 off and I would sleep on me 6 sleep. The end goal would be something equivalent to this.

    Day 1 September 10 2007
    Depart San Francisco 186 miles/3hrs 4mins
    Arrive Donner Memorial State Park CA

    Depart Donner Memorial State Park 426 miles/7hrs 46mins
    Arrive Great Basin National Park NV

    Total 612 miles/10hrs 50mins

    Day 2
    Depart Great Basin National Park 140 miles/2hrs 52mins (correction made thanks craig)
    Arrive Little Sahara National Recreational Area UT

    Depart Little Sahara national Recreation Area 244 miles/4hrs 17mins
    Arrive Arches National Park UT

    Total 384 miles/10hrs 19mins

    Day 3
    Depart Arches National Park 361 miles/6hrs 2mins
    Arrive Rocky Mountain National Park CO

    Day 4
    Depart Rocky Mountain National Park 319 miles/5hrs 15mins
    Arrive Lake Ogallala State Recreation Area NE

    Day 5
    Depart Lake Ogallala State Recreation Area 434 miles/6hrs 27mins
    Arrive Stone State Park IA

    Day 6
    Depart Stone State Park 336miles/6hrs 15mins
    Arrive Maquoketa Caves State Park IA

    Depart Maquoketa Caves State Park 174miles/3hrs 22mins
    Arrive Bartlett IL

    Total 510 miles/9hrs 37mins

    I forgot to mention that I have about 9 full days to do this so I drive out on like the 10th and fly back on the 19th... I would like to rush some in order to spend some time at my end destination (w/ family)
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    For the most part, this looks like a doable roadtrip, but there is one mistake.

    Quote Originally Posted by yakoo11 View Post
    Day 2
    Depart Great Basin National Park 140 miles/5hrs 52mins
    Arrive Little Sahara National Recreational Area UT
    The distance from Great Basin to Little Sahara is correct, but the time isn't. It should be 2 hours 52 minutes. That means you have an extra 3 hours to play with, which is good!

    I suspect that your drving times will be somewhat longer than you've allowed because you haven't added in meals, gas stops, etc. But, at about 440 miles per day average, you should have some time for sightseeing.

    Of course, if you can add in a day or two, you could easily use them at Arches or Rocky Mountain national parks to get a more in-depth experience.

    Since there aren't motels at some of the spots you have noted as end-of-day destinations, I assume you plan to camp.

    Have a great time,

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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    thanks for the heads up and yeah I do plan on camping... Do you think reservations are a must I would figure it would be off-season for most places especially during the week


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