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    So I will be leaving Rocky Mountain National Park, United States headed towards Chicago and was wondering which state I should drive through... kansas or nebraska. I can't seem to find a good place to stop (prefer a state/national park) in either state.. Any help would be appreciated.. I will stay in a hotel if I have to but then i would like to have a super amazing scenic drive

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    Default Nebraska Wins This One

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    The most direct route from RMNP to Chicago is I-80 through Nebraska and Iowa. It also has the advantage that the halfway point falls in eastern Nebraska, between Lincoln and Omaha, and there are several state parks and recreation areas with camping within just a few miles of the highway, including: Branched Oak SRA, Eugene Mahoney SP, Louisville SRA, Pawnee SRA, and Two Rivers SRA

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    Default I'd do the Sand Hills

    I'd head north to Cheyenne, WY, then east to Scottsbluff, NE. Visit Scottsbluff National Monument, Continue east to Chimney Rock, Jail and Courthouse Rocks. Head north to Alliance and wander Carhenge. Drive the Sandhills Journey (NE Hwy-2) east to Grand Island. Grand Island is a few miles north of I-80.

    If time permitted (and because I've never done it), I'd exit NE Hwy-2 and head east on NE Hwy-91, then north on NE Hwy-7 to US Hwy-20. Take US Hwy-20 east from Ainsworth, NE, to Chicago, IL. Upon crossing the Mississippi River into Illinois, take the Great River Road south to US Hwy-30 and go east visiting the towns of Sterling and Dixon. At Dixon, I-88/toll could be used to get closer to Chicago.

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    Default My vote goes to Nebraska

    I agree with Gerald Thurman, I'd take highway 26 accross eastern WY and western Nebraska and check out all of the Oregon Trail sites. A good book to have with you while exploring all of these historical wonders is The Oregon Trail revisited by Gregory Franzwa. There are plenty of camping opportunities along the way or not too far off the main roads and some Mom & Pop operations. I remember staying at a very nice and cheap Motel in Scottsbluff (around 35$) I believe the name was Lamplighter Inn. The staff was incredibly friendly and they had these cute surprise bags full of treats in the rooms.

    Drive safe!

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    Default Eugene Mahoney SP

    I'll add to the Nebraska votes and say that I stayed at Mahoney SP on a visit to Omaha a couple years ago. I found the place to be very well maintained with a nice area for tent camping. Its right off I-80, but it doesn't feel like you are anywhere near a freeway.

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    Yakoo11 if you travel interstate 80 through Iowa try to stop off at exit 225. Make sure your hungry!

    The seven colonies of Amana Iowa are where one can find the best place to dine in all of the USA! I don’t care what restaurant you choose in the Amana’s (excluding the Holliday Inn) you will be satisfied. They all bring out the food in large serving plates as if you were sitting down at a traditional family holiday meal. If by chance you empty a dish they happily refill it. One hearty meal in Amana and you’re full for the day! Really I’m not kidding the quality and amount of food they give you there is amazing! Then when you consider how low the price was you wonder how they can stay in operation. Do an internet search on “Amana Colonies” you will find all kinds of links on it. If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Amana Colonies by all means do it, you will not be disappointed. Amana is a place we could never tire of and we are certain to stop there at every opportunity!

    I’ll second Gen’s recommendation of the “Lamplighter Inn” in Scottsbluff. We stayed there (in 2006) also it was clean, inexpensive and the people were friendly. Scottsbluff is a bit off the interstate but well worth the visit.

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