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    Hi. First time on the Forum. We live in Washington, DC. Planning a road trip that is likely to include Ottawa and Toronto, and possibly the Finger Lakes. Looking for a good route to/from Washington, DC. We're thinking of a maximum of 2,000 miles, perhaps less. We like wineries, historical sites, small towns ... and the occasional city (we live in a city!). My wife is a beekeeper, if that helps. Good scenic drives welcome, but don't mind highway when appropriate.

    I would be grateful for recommendations.


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    I don't know that area well enough to offer any constructive input, I'm afraid, but I know that someone will be along shortly who can help. I jut wanted to welcome you to RoadTrip America and invite you peruse the forum, and indeed the rest of the site, to see if anything jumps out at you as something that you'd like to do in the meantime.

    Do you have any particular plans for places that you'd like to see along the route or, more importantly, places that you want to avoid/have seen previously? How long do you have for the trip and what are your budgetry restrictions?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Check out this post and the links therein to see a rough outline of what is my favorite general itinerary for such a trip. In addition, the Finger Lakes Region is home to scores of wineries, and Cornell is the site of the Dyce Laboratory. While returning to Washington from the Hudson River Valley, you could also take a very scenic and relaxing detour through the upper reaches of the Delaware River. And that entire loop can be done in about 1500-1600 miles of driving, depending on side trips, of course.


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    We have spent a lot of time on the East Coast. I think we'll try to get to Pittsburgh at some point, city I've not seen in many years. Assuming we go to Canada, will probably want to focus on western New York State.

    Thanks for the warm welcome.

    Thanks. Excellent post. Usefull
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