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    Default Which AreThe Best Routes See All These Cites!!

    Hi We Are Traveling From The UK To Los Angeles In June 2008
    We Want To Go To The Following Places In The Best Order For The Best Road Trip Ever!! Starting From L.A With Our Rental Car.
    San Francisco- Las Vegas - San Diego And Back To LA For The Flight Home And Rental Return.
    So You Guys Must Know The Best Routes Out There to take in these cities.
    We Have No Time Scale And Will Be Just The 2 Of Us with the top down, Looking To See The Best Places you can recommend on our little road adventure.
    Look Forward To Plenty of Info ....Many Thanks In Advance, Aidan Killoran

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    Default Nice to see another Brit!

    Hi Aidan, welcome to RoadTrip America!

    I am pleased that you are planning to visit this area - it's one of my favourite areas anywhere as it offers so very much. I note that you have no time limit, which is a real luxury, but you will more than likely have budgetry restrictions so this is something to keep in mind.

    I could easily give you a route which would take a month or more to follow (and this would not even come close to you seeing everything!) but just how long do you think you'll be looking to spend. Also, and more importantly, what do you wish to see/do on your trip? Do you prefer the nightlife of big cities, natural wonders, sitting on a beach, sporting events, hiking or, perhaps more like me, a mix of all of them?

    These questions apply to everyone on your trip -- be sure to take the Roadtrip Compatibility Quiz no matter how well you think you know each other. It'll make for a far greater experience if everyone is fully aware of what each other wants from the trip.

    Come back to us and let us know and then we can offer some help.

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    Default Traveling Salesman

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The most efficient order to visit your stops (known as the travelling salesman problem) is simply Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and back to Los Angeles. The best routes (in terms of minimizing the time taken to drive between cities, are the Interstate highways that connect them. I-5 and between L.A. and San Diego; I-15 from San Diego to Las Vegas; I-15/CA-58/I-5 from Las Vegas to San Francisco; and I-5 from San Francisco back to Los Angeles. The best scenic routes between those city pairs is something else again, so you should have a look at the threads listed in this post to get an idea of what's available on the drives you'll be making.


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    Default Thanks Guys

    As this trip is going to be a driving one probably 3 weeks or so we want to stop when and where we want to preferably and our intention is definitely the coastal roads and in land the best scenic roads between /San Diego/Las Vegas and San Francisco.
    So we will look at the links and the info you kindly posted on and start to plan the trip.
    Thanks To All Again Aidan

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    Default 3 weeks!

    3 weeks is a good period of time - you should have a good trip in 3 weeks. Have you considered popping over the border into Mexico? (leave the rental behind!) The coast road between San Diego and San Francisco is magnificent, be sure to spend some serious time exploring that. 17 Mile Drive is kinda fun and offers a number of opportunities for scenic picnics or, if you're feeling flush, you could take lunch at the Pebble Beach Golf Club!

    If you're looking for a photo op for those back home, you can visit London Bridge at Lake Havasu City AZ or the Queen Mary at Long Beach CA.

    If you're into national parks, and who isn't?, you could do far worse than something like this:

    San Francisco
    Tioga Pass
    Death Valley
    Las Vegas
    Hoover Dam
    Grand Canyon
    San Diego
    Pacific Coast Highway
    Los Angeles
    San Francisco

    Let us know how planning goes!

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