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    i've finally decided that i will have a roadtrip with my brother who is coming in on sunday to visit me. i thought it would be nice to take him on a really long road trip, though since our schedules didnt work out well, we only have about 14 days to go around perhaps from so cal to florida... is it possible? where should we stop on our way to florida and back??? heeellppp!!!!! thanks!!!

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    I just typed a long reply but then hit the wrong button when I tried to submit the post -- grrr!! Anyway.

    Sure it's possible in 14 days, no worries. I am presuming that this is a round trip California - Florida - California? In this case I would suggest taking a different route out to what you take back ie head south on the way out, maybe visit Dealey Plaza in Dallas (don't forget to take lunch at the Record Grill!), New Orleans then along the Gulf coast into Florida (where exactly are you heading?)

    On the way back you could take a slightly more northern route and head through Nashville & Memphis, perhaps visiting Petrified Forest NP as you near home.

    It really depends on what you and your brother want to see and do on this trip, your destination in Florida and how long you are looking to spend down in Florida - ie how much time you want to/can afford to spend on the road.

    Look forward to your post so that we can offer some useful advice.

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    The beauty of a communal network such as this is that there are almost surely others who have been or will be in your exact same predicament. As it happens, there was a similar request just a couple of days ago, where a lot of your questions were answered. Have a look at it, and then let us know what more you need.


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