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  1. Default Up the East Coast from Tennessee

    We visited relatives in southern ohio and have landed in seiverville tenn to see other relatives. We will be going up the east coast from here. We are traveling in a class C motorhome. No generator yet. So we usually stop at Flying J for all night. Or another "freebie". Time isnt a restraint. But we sure would like some tips on seeing some beach and ocean, some historical places, and flea markets. From research I have read alot of the parks on the east coast charge for day use. Geez arent there public places to just pull off the road for a few hours and use the water without having to pay $10. Looks like this heat is predicted to last another week. So we need to move on.
    My biggest fear of any part of this trip is the motorhome overheating in a traffic clog.
    We would really like to avoid NYC. Is NY full of toll roads?
    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Default Welcome

    Welcome to RoadTrip America! I can't offer any real tips for your route as I have yet to stray any further north than Tennessee in that area of the country, but I just know someone will be along shortly who will know the area like the back of their hand! Where are you currently and how far do you plan to head up the coast? Do you have any other plans?

    I am doing another roadtrip myself in ten days or so (Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky) and I have been watching, with very keen interest, the reports of 38-45 degree weather in that area at the moment. You say that it's expected to last another week? I might be in luck then... Though no lower than 30 please! :)

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    Default Eastern Tennessee to New York and Beyond

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are some very interesting possibilities for historic and scenic travel coming up for you that can, with some forethought, also include some time at the beach. For starters, you can, obviously, enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains and then head up along the Appalachians on the Blue Ridge Parkway or the Shenandoah Valley on I-81. There are a few historic and scenic places to stop along the way. And there are certainly enough historic and monumental sites in the Washington area. From there, you can head east on US-50 through Annapolis and across the Chesapeake Bay to the Delaware shore. From there head north to and beyond New York. Unfortunately for you, that will involve a toll bridge and toll road, but there are several ways around New York City.


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    Default Cruisin' the temperature wave

    Some places charge and other places don't, the biggest issue seems to be finding parking that is conveniently located.

    New York state's major toll road is the Thruway, but that can be avoided quite easily.

    Now, about that hot weather - it was 44 degrees (fahrenheit for our international readers) this morning here in central Massachusetts... we have managed to remain out of the scorching temperatures that have toasted the rest of the country. I don't know how long this stretch will last, but I can tell you this - I saw the first small cluster of leaves that had changed color a few days ago...

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