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    Hello ... we are going on a roadtrip in a couple of weeks, and pretty much everything is sorted (thank you for all your help in a previous thread!).

    I was just wondering about a particular part of our roadtrip. Originally we intended to go from Los Angeles to San Diego, camping in between, and then up to Las Vegas from San Diego. However a friend recommended we go straight to Las Vegas and skip San Diego. Would you say there is a lot to see in San Diego, and the stretch between there and LA? Time is not a problem, we could easily fit San Diego in, but if we didn't go we would spread the time out a little more.

    We are particularly interested in culture; galleries and architecture, as well as nightlife. And are hoping to go surfing in between the cities, but my friend said the best spots were around the LA and San Fran areas.

    Thank you again for all the help you provided with our previous enquiries, this is a fantastic resource!

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    Default LA and San Diego

    Quote Originally Posted by katherine View Post
    However a friend recommended we go straight to Las Vegas and skip San Diego. Would you say there is a lot to see in San Diego, and the stretch between there and LA?
    I am sure the San Diego booster club would be thrilled by that notion! Here are some threads that you ought to read and plan from there:

    A great overview for visiting LA by RoadTrip Advisor Larrison
    One of the must-stop-views on the coast!
    Larrison's picks for beaches --
    One of the premier breaks in the world is Mavericks near Half Moon Bay -- experts only, of course, but this site is a great one for learning about the other California breaks.
    A possible scenic route between San Diego and Las Vegas


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    Default San Diego

    Here is a post about stuff to do in SD. Personally, I don't care much about the Gaslamp quarter, I prefer the Hillcrest and La Jolla. I particularly enjoyed Balboa Park, Coronado, the Hillcrest and the people. As for the beaches, if you like busy, popular spots, check out Mission and Ocean Beaches. Mission beach has plenty of restaurants, boutiques and an amusement park featuring a rollercoaster, palm tree climbing, and you can find some wave pools nearby to practice surfing. Both beaches have a lot of surfers, skateboarders and rollerbladers. Silver Strand beach S.P. (8$) is much more quiet. I thought people from San Diego were a lot nicer than most people I met in L.A. or SF. It is a very friendly city even if is the second largest in California.

    Have a nice trip!

  4. Default Lots to do in the San Diego area..

    If you've got plenty of time, San DIego will probably we worth your time..

    There are usual places to mention about San Diego --

    - Balboa Park with its world famous San Diego Zoo, the musuems (like 12 of them), and it just being one of the nicer urban parks around IMHO.

    - Mission Bay, including Sea World.

    - The Embarcadaro, including some good sea food, and several historical ships on display as well as the nautical musuem

    - San Diego Naval Base, with everything from carriers to nuclear submarines. Including the Amhibious warfare school on Coronado Island (if you're lucky you can watch either the SEALs or Marines practice storming ashore in everything from armored vehicles to helicopters and hovercraft).

    - Then there's the beaches at Coronado Island, and the iconic Coronado Hotel.

    - Scripps Marine Institute and Aquarium in La Jolla (not huge, but nice...). Scripps is probably the premier west coast oceanographic institute.

    - La Jolla for shopping, and the cove is pretty good for snorkling (just wear a wet suit, as the water is cold).

    - San Diego Wild Animal Park, just north near Escondido.

    - Tijuiana, just across the border.

    etc etc.

    For surfing, the San Diego area from Oceanside to the border can have good surf -- but it depends where the swell is coming from. If you're looking at south pacific/ Australian storms generating the surf, the surf may be flat in the SD area (the beaches are pretty much west- facing). But if the stores are in the northern pacific or western Pacific -- then you can get pretty good surf in the SD area.

    [As a side note, if you're interested in galleries and culture and night life -- you might consider spending some time either in the West LA/ Venice area , or the Laguna Beach area. West La/ Venice taps into much of the LA arts and music scene. Laguna Beach is an artists community in the south OC. ]

    But then there are a couple of other funky things about San Diego.. Did you know that San Diego area was the source of much of the Imperial Chinese Court's precious jems? There are some some mines up near Escondito and Temecula specializing in Tourmaline and a few other rare semi-precious jems -- there's a major mineral/ gem store in Fallbrook. There's still a gold mine you can tour at Julian.

    For an interesting route to Las Vegas, you can go into the back country from San Diego, through Julian (apple pies and an old mining town) and down the escarpment on S22 east of Ranchita to Borrego Springs. That's a spectacular drive -- you drop about 3-4000' in a few miles, from 4000' mountains down into the Salton Sea basin. Borrego Springs is a nice smallish town with a couple of resorts and art galleris, sort of like Palm Springs was 30 years ago, and is surrounded by Anza Borrego Dessert State Park. There are numerous petroglyph sites, and other spots in the State Park, although my favorite is the short day hike to and from the Palm Canyon Oasis.

    From Borrego Springs you can continue up to Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park, and on to Las Vegas.

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