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  1. Default Toronto to Vegas (33 hrs)

    Hey everyone,

    i'm planning to drive to Vegas from Toronto, approximately 33 hour drive. Planning to leave Wednesday morning at 7 am, and hopefully arrive before 6 pm Friday. Has anyone done a trip like this before? any suggestions?

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    Default Yowsers!

    That is some trip! I have several thoughts on the suggestion that it is 'do-able' in a day and a half but they can all be summed up neatly in one word:


    Unless you can find another day (at least) then that is (in my humble opinion) crazy to event attempt. I mean no offence, none at all, but it's just gonna end in tears.

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    Default human limitations

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Despite what an internet mapping program may have indicated, it will be virtually impossible to make this trip in 33 hours. If you had a car with an unlimited gas tank, and you never needed to stop to stretch, eat, or use a restroom, then maybe you could...

    Realistically, you're looking at about 40 hours of real on the road time. While its not impossible to cover that ground, its quite a bit more than what we'd recommend. You'd have to drive 14-15 hours a day for your first two days, to get their by 6 or so on Friday.

    If you've got a couple of drivers, and you are willing to treat this journey like a job, where you stay focused on completing the task, following our tips for speed runs, you might be able to do the journey. Just be advised, you'll probably be very close to exhausted by the time you arrive in Vegas.

    If you are doing this trip as a solo journey, I would strongly recommend adding at least one more full day of driving.

  4. Default I figured

    Yeah, i figured in order for me to make it there for Friday, I would have to drive Wednesday from 7am-10pm, find a place to sleep, Thursday do the same, 7am -10 pm, and the same on Friday, oviously with stops in between. It's sure going to be a long drive :)

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    Default Here's what happens...

    when you drive too much within too short of a time period.

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    that sucks, but you have to know when you've driven enough and stop. Just feel it out.

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    Hey, I'm driving from Vegas to Toronto starting on the 13th. I bought a 68 Charger down there and I'm picking it up so I'll probabaly pass you along the way. I've made the run from Toronto to Vegas and back several times and it's an incredible drive. Make time to stop in Moab Utah along the way and don't even dream of trying to do it in less than three days with two drivers alternating. I have done it solo in three days in an Intercooled Shelby but it was a stretch. Speeding on a trip like this is suicidal, if the Troopers don't get you the roads in the Rocky's will. Good luck & enjoy!

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    you think I can make it driving Wednesday, Thursday, Arriving Friday evening?
    2 of us are going up, I'm the only driver. I can do 12 hours a day. how long did it take you to get here?

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    Default I'd Bet Not

    Toronto to Las Vegas is 2,250 miles (3,625 km). That means 750 miles a day for three straight days. One day - sure, with great effort. Two days - not likely, exhaustion will start to set in. Three days in a row - I seriously doubt it. Certainly not an enjoyable drive even if by some miracle you make it. Keep in mind that the estimates of driving times you get from software assume perfect conditions, no rain, no traffic, no stops of any kind for gas, food, or toilet breaks. In the real world, even with dry roads and no traffic, 750 miles is more likely to take you 13.5 hrs to drive rather than 12. Now consider that you will be trying, just as one example, to get around Chicago during evening rush hour and with your major route, the Tri-State Tollway, under construction. If you start out on such an attempt, you have to be willing to call it quits before your body does.


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    I wrote a detailed reply and I think I deleted it, duh. Anyway, when I did, my solo run I left Vegas on a Thursday morning early and arrived in Toronto on Saturday night. I don't drive tired and stopped frequently at rest stops along the way. Personally, I treasure the time I get to spend with my classic cars but I'll admit it is not everybody's idea of a good time. If you don't like driving for its own sake this will be an endurance test. PS, I broke down twice on that trip so you can probably shave a couple of hours off. My average over six trips is about 40 hours drive time plus ZZZZZ. Let me know how it goes I'm intrested to see how someone else who has actually done it feels.

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