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    Heading to Big Sur from LA. Looking for fastest route up there. Considering 101 to G14 to Lucia and then up 1. Trying to avoid the 101/1 all the way up. Any suggestions? Anyone driven g14? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by roaddog1 View Post
    Looking for fastest route up there.
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    Considering 101 to G14 to Lucia and then up 1.
    I haven't driven those road post-911, but they are still public roads -- you may have to pull over when the military convoys go by (this is part of the Fort Hunter Legget Proving Grounds) -- but otherwise, the roads are in generally excellent to good condition and quite scenic! If it were me, I would exit US-101 at exit 252 (just north of Bradley) and take G-18 (Jolon Road) to the small town of Jolon and then turn left on Mission Road which takes you to Nacimiento-Fergusson Road which leads to the coast highway. The problem is that that these roads are subject to closure and in any case, I don't think you will save any time going this route. (Winding roads, military convoys, etc.)

    Your fastest route might actually be to stay on US-101 all the way to Salinas and then cut south on CA-68 to Carmel and then south on CA-1 to Big Sur. But this is a much longer route and even at Interstate speeds I really don't see how you can beat the most direct route... which is US-101 to CA-1 and north.

    If you can confirm that any of the road leading west from Jolon are open to th coast -- you can probably cut-off an hour or two (maybe).


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    I haven't driven the road, but I can tell you just from looking at the map, this would not be a fast route. Its going to be a curvy trip through the mountains, that includes a large section through a Military Reservation.

    If you want the fastest route to Big Sur, then your best bet is to take US-101 to CA-1 at SLO. Although I do have to point out that looking to get to Big Sur as fast as possible seems almost contradictatory, as the best part about Big Sur is the view on drive to get there.
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