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    Leaving Sunday, August 12 from Northern NJ to drive my daughter back to college, Need to arrive in Albuquerque by Wed. evening so I can catch my flight on thursday back to NJ.

    Any suggestions on state parks, interesting things to see or do along the drive. My plan to drive is as follows:
    Sunday: NJ to Akron, Ohio
    Monday: Akron, Ohio to St. Louis
    Tuesday: St. Louis to Oklahoma city, OK
    Wed. Oklahoma city to Albuquerque

    Do these sound like reasonable stops to make on the trip. Never did a driving trip like this before.

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    Your stops are pretty well spaced, and since they are in metro areas will offer a good choice of relatively inexpensive lodgings - all you need for this type of trip. I absolutely think you're on the right track to look for state parks and smaller attractions near the highway to break up your long drives. Given your schedule, you won't have time to make big detours or to spend more than an hour or so at each stop. You have a couple of basic options. One is to just wing it, picking out stops as you go. with a driver/navigator combination, you can decide on the fly when you need to take a break and check your maps to see what's nearby. I have never had a problem finding a state park or interesting small town within 25 miles or so of anywhere. Make sure that you stop at the welcome centers as you enter each new state and get a copy of their official state map which usually has state parks and interesting historic locations well marked. Just look for those near your route as you need them. The other option is to pre-plan a rough set of stops that interest you and break up your trip into manageable chunks, For example, day 1 might have you making a morning stop at Hickory Run State Park, a lunch break around Lock Haven or State College, and an afternoon break at Clarion, PA, a college town that is also home to the local historical society. These kinds of breaks don't have to be at major attractions, just as long as they're a chance to get out of the car and exercise bodies and minds.


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    Thank you so much for your advise. Truly appreciate it. -barbara

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    I have two stops to suggest.

    1. Collinsville, IL (just east of St. Louis - of course, you are stopping to see the arch, right?) is Cahokia Mounds. This is the site of the biggest earthen mound in the US, and the museum does a great job explaining the ancient culture. It is near the highway and will only take an hour or two.

    2. Talequah, OK is the home of the Cherokee Heritage Center. They give tours of their very interesting traditional Cherokee village.

    Both are very good and can be appreciated in a reasonable length of time.

    And the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area has all sorts of great things to see so you might want to save some time, unless you've seen and done it all already.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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