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    Default Tacoma Washington

    I am flying into Seattle and driving to Tacoma have four days to spend after my conference. I am looking for suggestions on places to see. How far is Mt. Renier from Tacoma?

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    Hello Angusoft,

    Its around 1-2 hours if memory serves from Tacoma to Mt Rainier National Park. There are some very good hiking trails and places to see in the area.

    Other places in the area that you might find interesting, that you can reach from Tacoma in a 4 day period might include:

    - Olympic National Park. You'd go up the east side of the Puget Sound, past Bremerton and then around the north side of the Park to Hurricane Ridge, then continue on around past Lake Crescent to the Hoh Rain Forest, and then south along the Washingon coast before returning to the Seattle/ Tacoma area. This is probably a 2-3 day trip.

    - Mt. St. Helens . This is probably about an all day trip -- its about 3-4 hours from Tacoma, so doing it as a 'turn around' trip will take most of a day. You can pick this up at the end of the Olympic National Park loop.

    - Portland. Portland is about 4 hours south of Tacoma via the I-5.

    - Mt. Baker. Another tall volcanic mountain north of Seattle. About 4 hours drive from Tacoma by my estimate. I listed this, to also show that you can get to the North Cascades National Park as well.

    - Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It's about a 4 hour drive from Tacoma to Vancouver, over the border. Vancouver is a very nice town. From Vancouver you can take a couple of hours ferry ride to Victoria on Vancouver Island. And from there, you can even take the ferry to Port Angeles, near Olympic National Park.

    - And for something completely different -- there's an eastern loop from Tacoma east to Richland Washington area. Some very good wineries in the area (like several dozen...). Then you could return via the Columbia River (Grand Coulee Dam, the replica Stonehendge near Golden,) to Portland.

    You have lots of options -- depends upon what you'd like to do.

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    Default Seattle

    Cool, I'm planning a trip to Seattle next summer, can't wait! Welcome to the site, BTW.

    From Tacoma to Mount Rainier National Park, according to Google, is 76 miles and in the 2 hour region. There's also Olympic National Park to consider too.

    I don't know if you're driving back to Seattle after the four days but, if you are, there seems to me to be loads to do back up there. As well as the Space Needle and the other places to visit downtown, there's always the Future Of Flight Aviation Center & the Boeing Factory Tour if that's of interest to you?

    And, of course, Vancouver is a short hop away if you fancy a stamp on your passport!

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    Default Two more...

    Tacoma attractions that we found very interesting.

    1. The glass museum, which is downtown. Besides some amazing art glass pieces in the museum, they have a studio where glass pieces are made every day. They invite guest artists in to work with their very skilled staff. The day we were there a Native American basketmaker was there. Together they were interpreting his basket designs (as large as 2 feet tall) in glass. Just amazing. He had never worked with glass before but was clearly having a ball!

    2. Fort Nisqually, in Point Defiance Park west of town, is a beautifully reconstructed and well outfitted fur trading fort. Originally built by the Hudson's Bay Company 1833 it was a key outpost along the west coast, intended partly to keep the Russians out of the area. The costumed interpreters will keep you entertained with stories and anectdotes for hours, if you just start them talking.

    Both well worth the time, should the mountains be socked in.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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