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  1. Default Need a Family Friendly Audiobook

    My family of four will be traveling from Colorado to Wisconsin next week and we're looking for an audiobook that my husband and I will enjoy, and our 3-year old and 6-year old won't be any worse for the wear because of it. Anyone know of a rating system for audiobooks to tell whether or not the subject matter is appropriate for all ages, if there's foul language, etc? I've never read any David Baldacci- is his writing clean or colorful? Any ideas? We like action, suspense, mystery, autobiographies, humor, historical fiction, fiction, etc.

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    Default You've come to the right place!

    Quote Originally Posted by dabergmans View Post
    My family of four will be traveling from Colorado to Wisconsin next week and we're looking for an audiobook
    I suggest you read our reviews -- there are only 1 or 2 of the 81 titles we have reviewed that would not be appropriate for one readers. Our list is broken into the following subsets: Novels and other Fiction (60) -- including the newest Harry Potter tale.
    Memoirs -- (11)
    Other Non-fiction -- (8)


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    Default What do you like to read?

    I tend to stick with authors I know or books that I have read when picking out audio tapes. Maybe check on getting The Hobbit, Eragon, Harry Potter, or something along those lines. I would think the kids wouldn't be too traumatized by that. But - my Mom let me watch Dark Shadows and As the World Turns as a kid. And I turned out pretty well (twitch, twitch).


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    Do you have an mp3 player? If you do then there's lots of stuff out there that you can download from the net. Might be worth looking into also. Have a great trip and perhaps you can pop back and tell us what worked for you once you return?

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    I've been listening to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy recently, pretty good story, IMHO.


  6. Default Get the original BBC version of the HHGG

    I just have to add... If you can, get the original BBC radio show version of the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- not someone reading the book.

    The series was originally written for the radio -- and the voices and special audio effects are just wonderful. The books, TV show and movie all came later...

    In general the BBC radio shows are very good, family-suitable audio entertainment. Sometimes hard to find in the US, but usually well worth it.

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    Default Not "just reading the book" these days!

    Quote Originally Posted by Larrison View Post
    I just have to add...
    Audiobooks these days are a different "kettle of fish" from someone reading a book on the tape. "Books on Tape" are generally just that -- but today's audiobooks usually include sound effects, music and other audible production techniques. The exception to this tends to be for non-fiction titles, since most authors are engaged to read their own works in this way. But fiction tends to hire the best actors out there. If you read many of our review/recommendation articles, you will note that we review the performer as much as the literary work when we review audiobooks!


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