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    While this will not be my first road trip it will be my longest and first alone. I am a college student and start school in a couple of weeks. I have yet to make any definitive plans as to stops or even a route though i have done some research on both. Along the way I do not seek any commercial tourist attractions but only natural beauty and wish to camp out as i go. My goal is to do a bit of soul searching, I have about 8 days and would love some suggestions on natural landmarks i should incorporate along my journey.

    I look forward to any suggestions you may have. Thanks in advance,


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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    The great thing about looking for natural wonders is that they really are all around you, almost anywhere you go.

    Of course getting beyond that, if you are looking for more specific things its hard to go wrong with public areas like state and national parks. National Forests are also great places to camp, get away from the world, and do some of that soul searching.

    That doesn't narrow things down a whole lot, but then again, there are so many possibilities between Chicago and Colorado its hard to nail much more down without a little more detail on what you've already found and what you are already considering.

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